Why am I not making any progress?

I’ve been doing the same reviews for the first kanji for 2 days and they always show as “apprentice” level. I’ve seen video tutorials on YouTube where people level up after completing the reviews, am I doing something wrong?
Another detail: My progress bar doesn’t move either. It shows 0/26.

Thank you in advance for the the attention.

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It takes 4 reviews where you need to get both reading and meaning correct to level up to “guru”. This takes time.

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Read the guide and the FAQ

Particularly the part of the guide called unlocking kanji.

You may want to rush ahead, and that’s admirable, but you will thank this system for making you wait later on.


Thank you! I dont really mind if takes time I only thought i was doing something wrong!
Thanks again!


Thank you for the answer.
I dont really want to rush anything, I just thought i was doing something wrong, I dont mind if it is a slow process.
THank you again!


Yup, just have patience. :heart:

Wanikani starts a bit slow. Some find it too slow.
Wanikani then starts to get fast. Some eventually find it too fast.

Welcome to the site!


No matter what, you can’t make them happy :stuck_out_tongue:


Only by disappointing everyone can you claim to be truly fair! :grimacing:


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