Level 60 Post - Well, that was a long journey... ;-)

Hi all,
Just a minute ago I did the last lesson from level 60. Altogether it took me 953 days to complete all the lessons in 91 hours and 17 minutes of total learning time.
TBT I have no idea what to write here - the journey of course is not over yet - my burn percentage is just over 50% - so for sure, I want to push it as far as possible but I think it will be a pure pleasure from now on. SRS will slowly die out and Wanikani won’t be taking me so much time. I will be able to focus more on learning grammar, listening and actual reading. I near future I will attempt N3 and then focus on speaking. And maybe - beginning next year, finally visit Japan :slight_smile:

For those that seek some 60 level advice:

  1. Be consistent - going slow is fast.
  2. Reviews are more important than lessons.
  3. Don’t give up - trust SRS - You got this.

Have a great day!


Theres a level 60 category now that you can move this post into! Congrats tho!


Thanks, but for some reason I cannot reassign it to Level 60 Celebration thread :-/


Congratulations! I admire your consistency over such a long time, well done!

Would you like me to move the thread for you? I suspect you have to log out and back in for the new category to appear as an option.


Either that, or only those at trust level Regular can move threads.

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Surely the creator of the thread can move it?

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That seems like a reasonable thing to assume. :thinking: That’s probably true


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Congratulations! :cake: :crabigator:

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Thank you. Log out/ Log in and its all dandy! :slight_smile:

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Congrats mate! If I can ask, did you do lessons every day? and on average how many lessons and review did you do every week?

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It was like that:
2019 - 20 lessons / 150 reviews / day (SRS was rising fast so I decided to slow down)
2020 - 10 lessons / 200 reviews / day (SRS was under control but the accuracy was suffering)
2021 - 5 lessons / 200 reviews / day (It was sustainable and I could probably complete Wanikani with this rate)
2022 - 20+ lessons / 300 reviews / day (Lets finish it up fast - I decided to go full out because I knew that SRS wont hurt me if I finish all lessons before review amount would become unsustainable).


I think even the regulars have to be on lvl 60 to interact with the lvl 60 category

Wow, 20 lessons per day are tough to handle! How much time did you use to put into doing those 20 lessons and let’s say how much time for doing 200 reviews? Would you do it all in one session or split into more sessions? like morning/late afternoon-evening?

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Given that there are 9071 Wanikani items and the lesson timer shows 91h and 17min, then 1 lesson took me about 40sec. But in reality - building good mnemonics for kanji took longer, radicals were much faster, and simple words were somewhere in-between.
I do 100 reviews in about 30min.
I was doing lessons either in the morning between 8:00-9:00 just to hit first review at 12:00 and second at 20:00. Or lately, at 12:00 to hit first review around 16:00 fix mis-learned items at 20:00 and have a second review in the morning. All lessons in one go.
I tried to do reviews at 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00. (but that was fluctuating depending on the load - sometimes it was preferential to do them in public communication, during lunch break, or even on hourly basis to decrease the load). Now I plan to cut it to only one morning session but I have to go under 200 reviews first (probably it will happen within a week when I clear most of apprentice level items).


Same for me, I feel I can learn radicals in less than a minute and without having to think much about them and also that vocab is mid difficulty, but kanji lessons takes more.

Thanks for the feedback and cheers for your achievement!


Amazing work on getting to lv 60! :partying_face:


Love this. Exactly right.


Congrats on reaching Level 60 !!:tada::cake:

  1. Be consistent - going slow is fast.

Easier said than done for sure. Very impressed by your consistency!


Being consistent and reviews being more important are two fantastic pieces of advice. Congrats on reaching 60! I am earnestly proud of you - unknown internet stranger.