It's been a long haul to reach level 60

Hi, all.


I don’t post much, mostly because I’m struggling to finish my reviews.

I’m not so good at my studies, but I’ve persevered. It took me 6 years to achieve level 60.

Last year, I was close when software issues caused my reviews to pile up into the thousands.

I almost gave up, having already made it to the mid-50 levels.

I could handle a few hundred reviews a day, but thousands? No. It was like being at the bottom of a pile of sand, and each time I’d get up a little higher, I’d slide right back down.

So, I decided to set a goal of doing about 300 reviews a day.

To help with my progress, I turned to paper and pen. I created a file with bubbles. I write the date in the margin and each bubble represents 10 reviewed kanji. The physical act of filling in the bubbles and showing how many kanji I reviewed each day gave me the impetus to keep at it, day after day.

I read more now in Japanese than before, but still at a very basic level. You have to start somewhere.

My studies at WaniKani are nearing the end, but my studies in Japanese will continue.

Thank you to one and all who made this site and all the connected software, thank you to those who use this site, and thank you to all who been so supportive over the years.



Congratulations neighborinoeeno! I hope i persevere to riddly-reacharoo your knowledge one diddily ding dong day.

Will you celebrate with some cake-irino?




Good idea.

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Curious if you paid year by year or bought the lifetime plan

I bought the year plan thinking I could do this in two, but I’m already ripping my hair out at level 12, stuck here for 40 days. There’s no way I’m going to finish in 2 or 3 years at this rate

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Wow, that’s awesome! If you can scale a mountain of reviews that high, I bet you can do anything. Congrats on 60!


I love this. I’m a sucker for stupid human motivation tricks.

Congrats! Persistence is an extremely uncommon human virtue.


Thank you - that is very inspiring. I am at Level 31 after three years. I go slowly and I am trying to kill off leeches as I go. It is good to hear that you also took your time and many congratulations on making it to Level 60!


I did the yearly plan, never thinking it would take this long. What’s done is done. I’ve mostly enjoyed the ride.


Apparently, there’s sometimes a winter sale on Lifetime (see Wanikani subscription info and look at the tiny text near the bottom of the page), so that’s a possible option!


Congratuations, six years is a good old run and well down for pushing through those last levels!

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Congratulations. Thousands of reviews a day sounds intimidating!


Was impossible for me, but I could manage about 300 a day.

In a sense I think once you start studying kanji you can never stop.


I always considered the lifetime plan but my wife nixed it due to cost. We both never knew it would take me so long.


But you finished! That’s an amazing accomplishment!

Wanikani really seems like one of those platforms where it’s incredibly hard to know what subscription plan is right for you going in, if that makes sense. I’m sure that everyone starts out trying to finish in a year only to find that that is horrible and won’t work for them. At least you did annual plans and didn’t pay by month?

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This is a great example of perseverance and adherence to a schedule!! Awesome job canadaclubjp! Good luck on the next step of your Japanese language learning journey!

Here is some cake for your hard work!


-Nick at WK


Delicious! Thank you.

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Annual subscription.

Congratulations, and best of luck as you continue your Japanese learning journey!

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