Level 60 post <3!

I’m not actually on 60 yet. My plan was to reach 60 by last year but i had too much stuff on my plate at the end of the year and couldn’t quite find it in me to grind out hundreds of lessons and reviews everyday of my winter break to reach level 60, so now im just leaving it on 59 till life calms down a bit, and then i can tackle the last 2 levels and begin burning everything. But i’m just going to write this post early as I am basically already there, and because it seems it is a custom to create a post for level 60. I also did the n3 in december 2022, am currently waiting for the result, which I think will be a pass as i found it relatively easy (trying not to be overconfident). This year was hard for me with exams and sports, but studying Japanese helped me connect with several friends, and explore a passion that hopefully in summer will culminate with a visit to Japan itself (am currently planning), as the last time i was there i was too young to enjoy it lol.


Congratulations, well done and all the best for the N3 results and Japan trip over summer.

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Good job! That is a lot of commitment and dedication. I went to level 10 or something 3 years ago but now I start it again and think I will be good to go to 60 this time. Your post inspire me!

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