Level 60 post - Another step on the journey

Well, I’ve reached level 60 this morning, so I suppose it’s time to write this.

First some stats.


I was working a full time physical labor day job until around level 36. Sometimes long hours meant I had to rush through reviews or skip lessons but overall I managed to make it work. After the company I worked for shut down, I had a lot of extra time to spend on Japanese. This made it possible for me to go quicker on the fast levels and do a lot more immersion. I’ve been reading through よつばと again the last few days and it’s amazing being able to understand everything except the occasional word.

This forum has been a treasure trove of useful information, so I want to thank everyone here for all the great topics and comments, and a big thank you to everyone on the Wanikani team for creating this wonderful environment.

o(_ _ )o ありがとうございます!


CONGRATULATIONS :partying_face: :tada:


Congrats man!


Well done!

Please have some cake to celebrate!


Congratulations :laughing:

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Congratulations! Well done!


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Congratulations! Are you allowed to tell us if the cake is a lie?

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Congratulations! Way to make it work and especially not succumbing to using the heavy labour job as an excuse not to progress in your self-learning. Keep on keeping on! Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile: .

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I am envious, congratulations!!

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You made it!!!

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It won’t be when I actually buy it. I decided to slightly delay mine until I do all the level 60 lessons. So only a few days to go.

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One-week average level-up. I’ve no idea how you did this, desk job or physical labor. Amazing.

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Hearty Congratulations @Rihn :smile:

I am happy to see your efforts result in beautiful rewards :slight_smile:

Here’s to more success :raised_hands:


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