Level 60 on my birthday

I was planning on doing this post after guruing all of level 60, but it turns out I reached level 60 on my birthday and it’s the best present I could get, so I felt compelled to write it. Ofc, I’ve known it for just a few days (I’m so bad at planning lol), it just happened at the pace I was going.

Tbh, I didn’t begin with the idea of actually learning japanese, it was at the beginning of the pandemic and I had recently learned Hiragana and Katakana which was so entertaining and didn’t feel like I was wasting my time, so I swore to myself I would come out of the pandemic knowing something new, WaniKani was, on some level, happenstance.

I’ve been rushing these last levels because I just wanted to finish it and start what I deem the real learning, if I log in here periodically, I won’t ever convince myself to go out and actually read for long periods of time, so, after all this time, soon I’ll be freed from the crabigator’s endless appetite and the pain of leeches (on that last one, I blame that my native language is Spanish, so there are some English words that I haven’t internalized as much even though I know what they mean; also I’m a bit weary of the daily grind)

I’ve been using the reviews timeline since the beginning and I seriously couldn’t have done it without it, I think I cheated with it like the 20 levels of the middle, especially since I learned that if you close the tab and reopen it, it wipes out all the wrong inputs you made, I use it every time I fail because of a slip of a finger or other blunders.

Workload - Reviews per day. Don’t.Ever.Forget.Vacation.Mode.630.Reviews.Is.Pain

And lastly, I guess my wall of shame has the last word


Congrats! And Happy Birthday!


Congratulations! You indeed gave yourself the best present!
Happy birthday! :birthday:


“Blame patience”… Nice :slight_smile:

What was the URL for the wall? I can’t remember.


https://www.wanikani.com/users/yourusernamehere, then scroll to the bottom half of the page.

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BABYMETAL FAN! I’ve found you.


Thanks, @Rowena.
Looks like my Wall of Shame is “Six Light-Year”. (I missed each of them once, lol)


That’s awesome. Congrats!

My projected timeline has me getting to 60 two days after Christmas. I don’t really believe it, but if it still looks feasible come summer I’ll have to try and finesse it. :grin:

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