Level 60 in less than a year (350 days)

Can I please eat your brain?


Dude you are a living legend. I look up to you

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Congratulations!!! It’s great to see your work in those graphics.

I have a question… how is it possible to level up in 3+ days? I thought a week was the minimum. Am I doing something wrong? When I level up I get like 28 kanjis and 3.5 days later (when I upgrade my radicals) I get the rest, like 5. It seems odd to me, but I don’t understand why. I would actually prefer to have 15 and 15.


After level 46, you unlock over 90% of kanji right when you level up so it’s possible to level up in half the time.

Yeah those 5 extra kanji are made up of those radicals. When you guru the radicals, then wanikani takes it that you know them well enough to unlock the kanji made up of them.

The so-called fast levels are 1, 2, 26, 41, 43-44, 46-47, 49-60. All of these can be completed in 3 days 10 hours.


Don’t worry about that. That was just my busy schedule.
Level 21 is like any other regular level.

As others have said above, if you level up to the fast level, you’ll unlock >=90% kanji needed to level up at that level.
Basically, you need to clear ~90% kanji as soon as possible you level up—if you want to level up in ~3 days (at the fast level).

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Congratulation !!

Don’t take my question the wrong way but I have kind of a… okay I did my 6 first levels between 8 to 11 days. I know I’m not as fast as possible because I do my review most of the time twice a day and I didn’t plan to have them at 8am / 1pm / 9pm etc etc. But I know I’m losing sometime one or two days on my levelling up just because… well… I make some mistakes ! Sometime it real mistakes like, man I completely forgot, and sometime it’s just typo but hey it happens.

So my question is, to be as consistant in timings as you were… you nearly made 0 or really few mistakes (your accuracy is crazy high !) ! So did you keep learning outside of reviews ? Or did you “cheat” by checking answers when you weren’t sure cause your goal was to get to lvl 60 ultra fast ?

Just wondering :slight_smile:

Anyway ! Congrats again ! Are you going for the burns now ?!


While I applaud your for your consistency and your success, I think it’s important to mention that it is totally OK, and I believe even beneficial, to go slower.

I think posts like this can have a negative impact on some learners, who feel inferior when they read this, and who then want to be really fast as well, possibly burning out in the process. All speeds are OK as long as they keep you progressing steadily.

Remember that WK is a small part of Japanese and other aspects are way more important. Also, if one doesn’t use the Kanji in context all will be forgotten within a few months.

But again, you do deserve praise for your effort!


It’s ok. I’ll explain what basically my journey of Wanikani and my Japanese learning looks like.

Note: These level range and accuracy number is an approximation, I don’t remember the exact number.

Level 1-10
I’ve learned some basic Japanese before, from classes and books (If I remember correctly when I started using Wanikani, I was using Minna no Nihongo 2).
At these levels, things were not that hard. I can maintain the accuracy of around ~98% at this point).
When entering a new level, I cleared up my radical first and just spread out kanji during ~3 days period. After wave 1 on that level was done, I learned all remaining kanji at once (wave 2).

Level 11-40
During these levels, There was a lot of new kanji that I didn’t know. The only thing that changes from my behavior was, before entering wave 2 of each level, I learned the remaining locked kanji up to ~4 hours before unlocked. So, when wave-2-kanji were unlocked, I review the mnemonic during the actual lesson.

During this period I supplemented my study with N3 and N4 materials.
I took JLPT N4 when I was level 14 (passed) and took JLPT N3 when I was level 36 (passed).

Level 41-60
After some Wanikani’s updates. I was aware that a lot of fast levels were coming up. So, even before I leveled up, I learned all coming up kanji up to ~24 hours before it I leveled up and I did mnemonics review during actual lessons. Usually, before the first next 4 hours of review, I took time to read all kanji mnemonics at that level once again to make sure I remembered it all.
Before level 41 I remember that my accuracy was over 95%, but now it dropped to below 95%.

During this period I supplemented my study with N2 materials (TRY! N2, Nihongo no Mori, etc) and a bit of N1.

Maybe you wonder about scripts, I’m using reorder script while doing lessons (radical > kanji > vocab). I’m also using ignore scripts when I do a stupid typo or if I know I can’t make 90% to level up (especially for kanji during level 41-60, yes, it’s hard).


Sounds great, man!!!

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I actually disagree. I don’t think people should be worried about sharing their method and data at the end of their journey just because they’ve done it fast. It’s an achievement for them and as people who are working towards the same goal we can appreciate the effort taken to get where he is and be happy for him. There are posts from people who have took longer too so it’s not like we only here from people who do it quickly. Plus it’s not like he’s rubbing how quick he’s got there in our faces.
If anything I’d say this thread is a testament to consistency whatever speed you are going at so there’s something everyone can take away from his experience.

P.S. Congratulations @adeyura and sorry if you’re not a man I’m bad at guessing :sweat_smile:


Looking forward to my post, Level 60 in less than 350 years


Yes, you’re right, it’s ok to do Wanikani at any pace. All the person need to do is to suit it with their daily life. It’s even better to keep consistency and motivation.

It’s possible if someone gets discouraged if seeing this post. But, as a human, I can’t really control what others will perceive—either he/she will be motivated or demotivated.
Maybe if someone read this thread or any thread, try to take the information as neutral as possible is better :grin:

Hahaha, don’t worry. But actually you’re correct :grin:

Go go go!


Congratulations on the achievement! Your consistency is absolutely stunning :scream:
Especially great to know that you are about to put all your knowledge to a nice real life practice in Japan :smiley:
Share please, did you feel along the way how your 日本語 power grows due to WK? Or it was more blurred since I see you used many other sources to study?:eyes:

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I am in no way critical of @adeyura. Sorry if this came across as such. And obviously, the OP has been very consistent with other materials as well, so I‘m sure he‘s doing great.

Again I am in awe at his success but wanted to remind others that going slow is fine. sometimes there’s a game-like attitude on WK, where levelling up is more important than content and I hate seeing people burn out after all their hard work. Happened to me with Remembering the Kanji.

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Due to the fact that I don’t use any other tools to learn kanji, I can confidently say WK helps me a lot to consume other materials to study (textbook etc).

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Thank you for your answer !

You did a very good job !

This is really impressive, what website are the heatmaps from i’ve only ever seen the ones from the first few pics?


Congratulations! I tried going quick (about 8 days per level) and i felt it was prettyyyyy fast for me, i cant imagine completing in 6 days.

Also have fun and good luck starting life in Japan! You’re definitely living my dream :wink:

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