Level 60 cake awards ceremony

皆さん, こんにちは

Welcome friends to the inaugural Ddjross lvl 60 cake award ceremony, with your host, Ddjross … cue rapturous applause :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I would like you to cast your minds back to the August of 2017. It was a simpler time - a young(er), fresh faced Ddjross ran carefree through a world without borders or barriers where the periodic sharing of pathogens through touching the hands of strangers was part of day-to-day life.

The world may well have changed since then, but I think we can all agree that the one enduring beacon of hope through the last 3 years, is Ddjross’s journey from the valley of lowly initiate of the Church of the Holy Crabigator, to the summit of 鰐蟹 . :wink:

Before we begin with the ceremony, let us take a moment to remember our fallen WaniKani comrades who we have lost during the past three years. Those, who after an enthusiastic introduction post, burned out faster than a low level durtle, leaving naught but their posts as a reminder of the journey.

Wherever you are, I hope you have found the cake via different means.

In all seriousness, I’m afraid I don’t have any great wisdom to impart to anyone - and as you can probably tell by how long it took me to get here, my WaniKani journey is a rather unremarkable one to the spectator - not fast, not slow, mediocre accuracy… However, I have always enjoyed a lvl 60 post, and so feel it is my duty to contribute :slight_smile: Besides, if helpful lvl 60 posts are what you want @jprspereira 's post - My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) is the place to be.

To the Awards !!! …

:medal_military: :trophy: lowest lvl unburned Kanji :medal_military: :trophy:

and the winner is...

羽 - are you ほね、or はね❓

:medal_military: :trophy: Lowest lvl unburned vocab :medal_military: :trophy:

and the winner is...

土 - must remember that you are two cheeses buried in the dirt, and not Uchi from terrace house (he stars in my mnemonic for 内.

:medal_military: :trophy: Most ‘Reviewingest’ day :medal_military: :trophy:

and the winner is...

February the 4th 2018 - 514 reviews. I’m sure this isn’t actually that bad - and was a consequence of a trip to disney with no wi-fi, rather than lots of daily reviews.

:medal_military: :trophy: Best actor in a mnemonic :medal_military: :trophy:

and the winner is...

We have seen many brilliant performances from mnemonic characters over the years, and the nominees form an illustrious list of star performers in my stories. Nominees are as follows -

じょ ー Jo, the wife of an ex-boss of mine.
こう ー None other than the great Koichi !
ちょう ー Ms Chou - she is many things to many people.
ちゅう ー Chewbacca

But the winner this year goes to someone who I have known since I was 13 years old - and yet he has no idea he is a regular in my stories (creepy much?). It is of course the star of many a mnemonic for the reading じょう …Joe from my childhood basketball team.

Because what the hell is a ‘Jourm’? am I right.

:medal_military: :trophy: Most ridiculous mnemonic :medal_military: :trophy:

and the winner is...

予め - A raw (Nicholas) cage. And yet, i remember it :woozy_face:

And so concludeth the awards ceremony - please exit through the gift shop. https://store.tofugu.com/?category=Enamel+Pin

WaniKani really was life changing for me. It simplified a seemingly impossible task of learning 2000+ Kanji into a process which required one thing - consistent effort (ahem - 534 day streak), and made me re-think what my brain was capable of.

In reality, when it comes to Japanese learning, lvl 60 of Wanikani is only really basecamp in my Japanese Journey. But I would like to thank the WaniKani team, all the people who contribute to the forums, and those who write scripts, for acting as a Sherpa. I think I am now ready to face the climb towards the summit alone.



My Vital statistics - for those who like that sort of thing

(sponsored by @Kumirei & @rfindley )

:cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:


羽 I never had any trouble with, actually, because in German, you can easily think of it as somebody signing exasperatedly and going “no” with an accent. Then again, I still got Level 2 kanji that need to be burned properly, so…

Anyway, good job on that Level 60, and enjoy your cake!


Congratulations! (It actually says you’re still level 59 though :sweat_smile:). I hope to be joining you at level 60 by mid 2022. :cake::cake::cake::tada::tada::tada::balloon::balloon::balloon::birthday::birthday::birthday:


Hearty congratulations @Ddjross san :cake: :partying_face: :dizzy:

You are AWESOME :sunglasses: I admire your persistence :slight_smile: Good luck with your future journey :metal:








Reaching level 60 is cool! Now it is time to burn all that remains unburned.


I feel proud. i know this one without searching for it :grin:


Congrats on reaching lvl 60!

I can easily remember this thanks to 灰羽連盟(はいばねれんめい)- one of my favourite thought-provoking anime :wink:
When searching for an image I accidentally discovered who’s in @seanblue 's user pic. After all these years…


And then there’s that feeling of “aha!” when 連盟 comes up in level 36…


Yeah - sometimes a bit of a delay - think if I log in and log out, it should update . I am level 60 though, I promise :wink:

You can do it ! I’m looking forward to your level 60 post ! :star_struck:

C-congratulations 先-先輩!
bow haikyu

Now enjoy some cake! Courtesy of Nakiri Alice! :laughing:
cake nakiri alice


Because what the hell is a ‘Jourm’? am I right.

on point af!

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If you think about it, it almost rhymes with ‘gourmet’. Like Jourmet. Not sure where I was going with that…
Anyways, congratulations to @Ddjross!

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