Sweet dreams are made of this

Oh my oh my. I did a thing.

Dear angels you may start with the trumpets, cuz I finally reached heaven Level 60!


Time for some cake heavy in chocolate and/or cherries and/or hazelnuts for I am that kind of sweet toother.

Stats I never look at in case anyone is interested in random numbers and colors


Your usual babbling

There are probably hundreds of posts out there with the usual personal history, experiences, motivations, and advice, going through detail of how WaniKani worked for them. But I don’t think I have anything special enough to share that you guys already don’t know about this website or would be interested in about me (I’m just an ordinary person). So I’ll refrain from writing my_biography.pdf.

I guess the only thing I’ll “advise” to any new learners is to not be too hard on yourself. Appreciate how much you’ve achieved, and don’t undervalue your own merits or seek for “perfection”. However long it takes you to reach any milestone (whether in WK, Japanese, or life in general), all that matters is that you put in the effort and actually did a thing, and that’s admirable.
So shut up any voices telling you negative things (including your own) and KEEP GOING!!!


Next steps so my conscience doesn’t cook me

Despite its flaws I do acknowledge that WaniKani is overall a great resource, and without it I would have never had enough guidance and gathered enough dedication to learn 2000+ kanji on my own. I guess sometimes we complain about stuff that happens on this website but deep inside our hearts it is like a big bro who is unphased by any conflict and still badass in essence. For the past 2.5 years I had many moments of wanting to shred my brain but the Crabigator kept its smug face on for me. Vibing like:


WaniKani you little bastard. I know very well what you are thinking… After all this, we’re no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of. You wouldn’t get this from any other guy.
So I’m committing to continuing this for the rest of my life until I burn some more items. What’s extra nice is that now there will be less and less reviews, and less and less pain. For there was pain, but also, no pain no gain!

I still have a lot of “gain” to gain, though, especially when it comes to grammar, since I feel like my grammar airplane was happily taking off when suddenly actually fell down and bursted into flames because a stupid pilot (me) got distracted and hit a bird or something dumb like that.


I’m coming back to Bunpro now and also focusing more on reading, which is the main reason I started all this in the first place (but since I’m just a fool with no courage I never read anything with true purpose). Who knows what the road ahead is gonna look like… At least a good chunk of the kanji demons out there won’t terrify me that much anymore now that I reached the “end” of the journey on WK.

Thank you to the community for being so awesome and literally saving my life so many times. I guess I also would like to thank my wifi router for not giving up on me while I’m writing this because I sure know this 小さなくそ likes to often make me disappointed but not surprised when I do my reviews.
And thank you for reading this huge block of mostly useless text! If you have any questions feel free to ask, we’re always working to better improve our services to you.

I wish you good luck in your current and future endeavors, and to all those aiming at the WaniKani’s finish line… you can do it!


Congratulations! :tada:
May this be not the end of your Japanese studies, but rather the beginning of even more exciting digging into the Japanese language!
And may the Great Cat of purrseverance never leave your side! :cat2:


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:

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Here’s hoping your continued journey is a smooth one!

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Congratulation on a fantastic achievement!

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Congratulations!!! :tada:

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:crabigator: :partying_face: :cake: :tada: :crabigator:

Wow, congratulations. That’s the second post today, that I’ve seen people celebrating their level 60 achievement. For me it’s still a very long yourney, unfortunately. But I’m happy for you, and hope you’ll find your next challenge on your Japanese journey! But for now: Partey!

:crabigator: :partying_face: :cake: :tada: :crabigator:

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Thank you everyone!
Sorry I couldn’t reply before to your much appreciated congratulatory comments (tough life moments right now… yeah right when I graduate WK to counterbalance the joy :sweat_smile: ).
Still doing the L60 lessons with no rush at all and eager to graduate fully when that’s all done and all I have to do here is less and less reviews!
Hang in there :yellow_heart:

Welcome to level 60! David Hasselhoff certainly approves of this. I am actually surprised David Hasselhoff isn’t mentioned somewhere within WaniKani, or maybe he is! :eyes:

Anyway, here is some cake for your achievement!

-Nick at WK

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Thank you Nick!

David Hasselhoff would definitely be a great addition for mnemonics or memes somewhere along the 60 levels journey :joy: If he ever is included, good for the next users!