Level 60, but would like to revisit old kanji / vocab without resetting. . . anyway to do that?

One option that I think hasn’t been mentioned yet, which doesn’t require any scripts, is to basically do a kind of a ‘manual’ reset. I have been using this technique (actually, two related techniques) for about half a year now, and I find it works just fine for me, and is even enjoyable (speaking for myself, anyway)!

I wrote up the two techniques in a comment to another post, which describes the whole thing from motivation right down to how to quickly zip through resurrecting several items using WK’s built-in features. If you just want the nuts and bolts, skip ahead to the “How To” section of the comment:

Best Way to review burnt items – ‘Revisiting old friends’ and the ‘Rolling Reset’

It’s possible/likely that there are scripts (such as those already mentioned) that can facilitate this basic idea easier than the manual techniques I describe. Personally, I just prefer not to have to install extra scripts, so I just found a way to do it by hand, but whatever works for ya! :slight_smile:

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