Level 60 and I have some basic questions

Do I need to keep paying recurring charge to be active in the community? Also will my progress be reset if I end subscription?


You can continue using the forums, and your progress won’t be lost. The little circle will say 3(?) though, but if you ever continue the subsription it will go back to normal.


The circle won’t visually change at all, since op reached 60


You mean the forum level circle? As far as I noticed it only goes light grey if your subscription runs out, but otherwise the level doesn’t change. I’ve seen a couple of old users who dropped out, but didn’t delete their accounts and their forum circles are grey.

But if you’re level 60 one keeps their golden circle, right?


There’s no payment at all required to be in the community and there are some frequent posters who have never used WK cough Jonapedia cough

Your progress won’t be reset , but if you don’t turn on vacation mood, inaccessible reviews will continue to build up unless you’ve burned everything.


Is that true? I don’t think I plan to come back to burn more stuff or anything, but it makes no sense to me that the clock doesn’t stop for inaccessible items when there’s no active subscription. That would deter anyone to resume their subscription later, since they’d be sure to find a mountain of pending reviews.

To the OP: I can confirm that you can still participate in the forums after your subscription runs out (or even if you never subscribed), and that your progress is not reset. You even get to keep your golden 60 badge. :slight_smile:


OMG sweetest typo ever :heart_eyes_cat:
if I’d just find a way to turn vacation mood off again :thinking:

Are you sure? I always thought in phases where you are not subscribed nothing will change on the servers.


I was starting to wonder if there was an easy to find answer on the about page, but it seems that you can’t do vacation mode without an account

Premium WaniKani content currently includes levels 4-60. You also get access to Vacation Mode, which lets you pause your reviews if you’re going to be away for more than a day or two.

bahahah, I still have GW brain

I feel certain I read it somewhere, but this isn’t a hill I’ll die on lol. There’s gotta be someone with a definitive/experienced answer


@ctmf did your subscription expire during when you had a break or was it a year long?

IIRC when your subscription expires your account is automatically placed in vacation mode. :thinking: Or something similar to that where the level >3 items’ SRS timers are paused.


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I am not subscribed right now, and I can’t find a way to prove with the API. (The only way to proof is to pay, I guess.)

I presumed that meant you couldn’t use vacation mode on level 1-3 content as trial user.

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Thanks everyone this has been helpful. I’ve found the community helpful on my journey, not sure why I didn’t join officially until now. I guess whenever I had questions some one inevitably had already asked them and the question was answered so I could just read up on it.

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That’s not true. If your subscription runs out, you’ll be automatically placed in vacation mode until you start paying for your sub again. :eyes:


Did you ever find out for sure or test it yourself though?

As I said before, this isn’t a hill I’ll die on so I’ll go edit my post.

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