Letting non-Lifetime level 60s not show as level 3

It could just be on the forums, or if that’s not possible, both.

Idk, I feel like people who have reached level 60 have made a huge accomplishment.
I know that when people stop paying, they shouldn’t be able to access content above the free content, but what if they’ve burned everything, perhaps?

Yes, I am saying this as a hopeful-future-60, since I do not know the opinions of non-Lifetime level 60 folks.

But it would just be nice if they showed as level 60, at least on the forums/profile, even if they were not able to access content below level 3, if WK so chooses?


How about letting all former Lv60’s have a title / sect name?

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What do you mean? Like they automatically gain some title/sect name for having reached level 60?

Or perhaps as an alternative to showing up as level 60 on their profile / next to their avatar?

As far as I know they do show 60, but in gray? Am I missing something?

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Looking at our code, I see the bug. I’ll fix it Monday to address the concern.


@viet dang you’re quick to respond! :heart: Seriously, thank you for all your hard work, even on such things as this, which are comparatively small to other issues, I’d imagine.
I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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No chance of keeping the golden banner too? Kinda strange that people who pay off WK in monthly/yearly installments can’t keep the banner too.

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Gold is for people who reach 60, yes? If thats the case I think all 60s should get it regardless of subscription status. I’ll have to brush up on level/subscription colorization on the forums :slight_smile:


That would be great. Thanks

Should be live now.


…oh mein gott.

I’ve been revived.


Uuuh, I’m looking forward to that. :blush:

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To think, this has been an issue people have complained about for hte longest time, and all it was was a simple bug. XD Thank you!

Pre-migration (old forums) it was intended for the badges to be “limited” for non-subscribers, but we decided to change how the badges were going to be displayed on the new forums. Unfortunately, during a refactor the bug was introduced. All is well now.


This is amazing. xD They all look so pretty now. Something to work towards. +_+

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This is wonderful news! Now I can finally let my subscription expire.



Always good to see you around, Sirv! : D


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