Level 57 Only 14 Kanji Unlocked

Only 14 of the 35 kanji unlocked when I leveled up. The locked kanji have radicals that i have already learnt except for the kanji with this levels radicals in them. Anyone had this problem before? @viet

If something like this happens it is a good idea to ping @viet

If you’re still having the issue tomorrow he will get on it when they​ open in the morning.

You need to say his name three times, like Beetlejuice. Here, I’ll finish: @viet!

(Either that or it’s almost midnight in Oregon)


I’ll try to help:


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Problem is fixed. Thanks to whoever helped.

Out of town at the moment, but I’ve pinged @oldbonsai to check this out.

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The robots helped with that one. We’ve got a schedule task that makes sure everything is unlocked accurately, but it only runs once a day.

We’re working on a few changes to make sure that the unlocks happen more reliably — it’s pretty good right now, but we aim for more than pretty good. :wink: Those improvements should roll out incrementally over the next few weeks.


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