Level 19 Radicals not unlocking

Hey, I just leveled up to level 19 and noticed no radicals have been unlocked. However, when I check the reorder script it says there are 32 kanjis unlocked for level 19 (out of 34 kanjis total) which seems more than normal, and how would I get the other 2 kanjis without the radicals? I was wondering if this is supposed to happen or if it’s a bug?

Here’s a screenie:

I’m guessing I should tag @viet for this ;p

Thanks in advance!

I’ll take a look

Ok was able to take a look.

Yep, level 19 radicals didn’t get assigned to you for some reason. I fixed that.

The number of kanjis is right. I looked at all the radical component states and you are well above meeting the requirements for each kanji. :clap:

Edit: upon further inspection there may need to be a correction with the level 19 kanji. I’ll look deeper.

Edit 2: False alarm. Everything looks good :thumbsup:


Lightning fast! Thanks for the help!

There may be something off about the level 19 radicals after all.
I’m in the middle of level 21 and the ‘Ego’ Radical from 19 just popped up out of nowhere in a lesson. I hadn’t seen it before, when it should have been unlocked.
Not tragic, but it struck me as odd and since there was already a topic related to this I thought I’d mention it. Thanks for looking into this! :smiley:

It’s not the same issue. That is from them just moving radicals around based on updates to the flow. They moved “ego” from 26 to 19, so anyone in that span had it pop into their queue today.

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Aah, mystery solved. Thanks! :smiley:

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