Level 5 is formidable

Partly because I unlocked 121 lessons at once when I hit level 5 and still had a lot of stuff in apprentice status, added to the fact that level 5 seems massive as is, this is taking me quite a while. Hundreds of reviews that all seem semi new to me. xD



(V doing review on her phone)


You don’t have to do the lesson just because it’s there. Pretend it is an unwanted telephone call and ignore it.

You know your brain better than the rest of us. If you think you should concentrate on your existing apprentice items for now, do it. Take the new lessons when you’re ready.

If you want to start the new lessons now, I suggest using a reorder script to ensure that the vocabulary ones come up first. The vocabulary is based on the kanji you just guru-ed in level 4. Vocabulary lessons help you remember the kanji you just learnt.


I already did all of the lessons, they’re now reviews. I figured if I didn’t do them, I’d only be adding more lessons as I guru’d more reviews. Same problem either way essentially, either way I’d have ended up with hundreds of reviews.


Hurrah! I’m about to level up in a couple of hours too (if I don’t mess it up with my already very sweaty fingers)!

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keep a cap on your apprentice so that you’re not being dumped with a truck load of review. I keep mine at 100 but if you are hit with say 453 review. THERE’S ONLY ONE THING LEFT TO DO


I can’t wait until I get to level 5.

I’ll say!

Listen, did you know that they’re bringing out TWO things for 3DS this July? The Lady Layton game, and something called Snack World? Plus their back-catalog is equally formidable and amazing.

Oh, what’s that, you say, not that Level 5? Oh sorry, my mistake.


She looks so kawaii!!! Looking forward to this.

I know right, and her sidekick is her dog? It’s gonna be SO GOOD!!

I’ll be honest. I got 95% of the way through Professor Layton + Phoenix Wright and lost interest. I really should go finish it…

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I feel your pain, i just reached level five and BAM! 70 lessons :cry:

That was me with Professor and Layton and whatever the hell this edition is.

I feel lucky, somehow I got to level 5 and only have 33 lessons.

At level 3, I already accepted that I can’t do all the lessons at once. If I even try it, I’ll get EVERYTHING wrong and I’ll be losing time.

I do the radical lessons first because they’re more simple and you’ll need them to unlock the kanji. This saves you time. Then I’ll do the Kanji + vocab like 10 every hour until there’s no more lessons. Every time I have reviews, I’ll do them all so it won’t accumulate. If I get something wrong, I need to have the time to know exactly why and fix it. If I have both lessons and reviews, I do reviews. What’s the point of trying to learn new stuff if you still have other stuff to practice?

I end up needing to check the phone once every hour for 5 minutes but this whole process helps me avoid caos. Until now, I’ve got 96% of the meanings and 89% of the readings right ^^

Also, I refuse to do anything when I’m tired. If you get it wrong, you’ll waste time and you’ll create bad habits (impulsive answers). It’s always better to wait 8 more hours when you wake up instead of risking getting stuff wrong in the 3rd row :slight_smile:


Just wait till level 5, it’s getting painful.

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Thanks @mechturk for reminding me of old Professor Layton. I’d forgotten all about him. Due to this thread though I just discovered these. Look promising!


haha it probably is and I confess I might have been a little naive when I wrote my comment xD I do have all the time in world though. That helps A LOT. Doing 10 reviews instead of doing 50 is totally different. I can’t imagine having to do 100 in a row. That’s why I try to make sure I don’t accumulate reviews. Also, every time I level up, I spread the lessons throughout the day to make sure I’m actually studying small amounts of new info at a time. I’ll lose some time but eventually it will compensate because I didn’t overdo.

I do know that I lack the experience of higher levels so stuff will get a lot harder… but the same principles should be applied. (:

Totally addicted to the Fantasy Life game. I mean. You can be a blacksmith or a cook or a tailor and the hero of the game? Woohoo! Really hope for a handheld sequel.

The two soon to be released games look amazing! need moneeey and better Japanese

ok. enough trail derailment.

Spreading the lessons in batches is a good idea. I’m one of those people who try to do as many as I can as soon as possible, but I have tired days too despite that compulsion to see ‘0 lessons’. Then I’d tell myself do 10 lessons here, 10 lessons there. :slight_smile:


I try to do lessons in small bits spread out so I’m not overloaded with reviews, but I’m finding out that 70+ reviews a day is normal for the amount of lessons you get around level 5 and i assume that it only gets worse lol