Level up regret

Anyone have any motivational strategies to fight “level up regret”? I’m always so proud of my progress just before leveling up… and then… yah… yay new lessons and reviews that I don’t know and will get 20-40% correct on the first go.

Everything is progress, even failing.


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I know where you’re coming from. I had the same feeling but I’ve got used to it. You just have to embrace the fact you cannot possibly remember everything right off the bat.


I think it’s also the time commitment though… When you’re near the end of a level, it takes a lot less time to do reviews, but when you start a new one… a couple nights ago i literally spent an hour and a half doing reviews, lessons, and then more reviews.

It’s a big jump in time spent between just-before-leveling and just-after-leveling

I know the leveling system is motivational and aimed at “gamifying” kanji study, but is there any thought on continuously releasing kanji+radicals instead of having a level system @koichi?

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yea… well it gets worse as you level up. I don’t mean to scare you but a couple of times I found myself with a stack of 500+ reviews. You just have to know why are you doing all this and stick through it.


I read the recommended “apprentice” number is 100-150, do you not moderate how many lessons you take based on that?

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It happened to me when I couldn’t commit to the reviews for about a week. and no I don’t moderate my lessons too much.

edit: fyi: currently at 101 apprentice items.

I see, if you don’t mind me asking, how has your level up time changed each level? Is it about the same now as it was around level 5-10?

This is one of the reasons I use a reorder script and gate my lessons per day. Since I follow the routine every day the amount of time and relative effort doesn’t change unless I do something stupid, like rush through lessons or try to study while exhausted.

It seems like as levels go up, more lessons get released at once.

So far, my strategy has been to always do reviews before new lessons. That seems to keep things from getting out of hand. Mortiii, when you had 500+ reviews, was that because you just hadn’t done the reviews for a few days?

You even guru your vocabulary before moving on?

yes. I simply didn’t do my reviews.
I generally do the same thing. (reviews before lessons)

@ss1100 q: The level-up time didn’t change much. It certainly did slow down but mostly because I wasn’t as commited as when I started. Now, however, I have caught up to the speed I had in the beginning levels. (I just put in more time now)

Is 10-12 days a level pretty sustainable?

It’s not regret. Mostly relief because I get out of being stuck at 89%. Yes, I do get lots of lessons but I also get to learn new kanji and vocabs. Plus, one step closer to level 60. No downside, really.


I think that’s a good pace. (If you can keep it up) :slight_smile:
I certainly couldn’t (my average is 19 :sob:) but it’s better to slow down for a while than to give up.

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ありがとう せんぱい!

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I just mean that if I have both lessons and reviews in the queue, I’m doing the reviews first. I figure that keeps the reviews from piling up, but also I don’t want to introduce too much new stuff to my brain at one time. Still, last week when I couldn’t get to my reviews for over a day they quickly piled up to close to 200. I could easily see how at more advanced levels like mortiii they can climb to several hundred. I am pretty sure that there were also some duplicates in my queue. I guess the SRS doesn’t clear those out and just backlogs everything in sequence.

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Interesting. It helps that I have lots of time at work to do WK.