Morning my dudes, question

First of all - You’re all amazing and cool and I hope you’re having an awesome day. Spread the love. お願いします.

now the thing.

How much time does it take you to get through a review session?
I typically do WaniKani while simultaneously preoccupied with something else (not by choice), so it takes me like approximately 29 millennia to 0 out all my reviews. I typically do one session in the morning, which I’m starting to realize is not a scale-able strategy in the long run.

I more or less just want some alternative strategy suggestions.
Do you typically get everything to 0 in a single session? When you do, how long does that take?
If you split it into chunks, is it typically a time bound session or a # of reviews thing?
With your method, how many days do you spend on a level? Does you factor in grammar study time?

Please continue to 頑張って everybody. Your hard work will pay off.

Thank, and have a day.
Preferably a great one.


About 10 minutes per 100 items.

Doesn’t the WK review/lesson session time out after a certain period of inactivity? I’m not sure how long that is, probably about 60 minutes?

It does time out, but you can put a ten item limit on whenever

Ten item limit? Do you mean wrap-up button? Can we click on wrap-up button when the session has already timed-out?

Certainly feels like less than 60 minutes. From what I recall, it feels closer to 10-30 minutes, but I could be wrong. Since I’m obviously not near my computer when I actually get timed out.

Yes ^^ I try to do reviews when they pop up. That means I’m doing batches between 5 and 30 for quite some hours of the day, but it keeps me from doing the hated big piles. Except for in the morning. I skew my timing of lessons to make sure my biggest review spikes happen first thing in the morning, so I usually wake up to 100 reviews, which I’m fine with.

100 reviews is about 20 minutes on the occasions that I allow myself time to ponder the ones I don’t know right away.

My current spread means I can do 7 day levels without ever feeling overwhelmed by the amount of lessons waiting. The way I used to do things (all kanji whenever they unlocked) meant I got a three digit lesson count upon every level-up, and I never saw 0/0. Now I have maybe 60-something lessons when I level, and other vocab gets unlocked much more leisurely throughout the week.

Currently not nearly structured enough on this. But the overall plan is BunPro (and all its study references) + KawaJappa CureDolly’s youtube channel (and probably books) + Japanese Ammo with Misa.

Good luck finding a new groove that works better for you! 頑張って!:muscle:

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I usually do my reviews throughout the day, so review batches stay kind of small. Sometimes max 70 come in at once, but usually around 20 items max come in at the same time.

Sometimes I skip a couple reviews and wait until I get home to my scripted browser to do them faster, especially over 60 items I don’t like to do on my phone. Though I do usually do them all on the train before and after my Japanese class a couple times a week.

How is doing big batches only in the morning working out for your new apprentice items? Do you get good accuracy on those, despite not keeping up with the SRS times? Also, would it br impossible for you to find a time where you’re not distracted to do the reviews?

@plantron I did mean the wrap up button. When the session times out, I can sometimes just keep reviewing, though, until it refreshes on it’s own. Also it remembers your progress on items after the time out.


Hard to say given that reviews range from like ~20-30 at a time to ~150. I feel like I don’t spend more than ~5 seconds per answer, if that. Maybe closer to ~3? So for a block of 100 cards, at 2 answers per card, and 3 seconds per answer, about 10 minutes? I do try to get everything done in one sitting if at all possible.

I’ve been getting by at about 8 days per level so far. Just seems to work with my schedule - get some done before work, around lunch, in the evening, whenever I have a few spare minutes.

If I have a few spare minutes and don’t have WK to do I’ll go grammar, or vice versa.




You’re just welcoming everyone that doesn’t look very familiar now, regardless of level? XD

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@daltonsbro I moved your topic to the WK category, since it’s more of an overall WaniKani question than an introduction.

I typically try to do my lessons and reviews 3 times a day: when I wake up, during lunch, and before I go to bed. I tend to have to do ~150 in the morning, 30 in the afternoon, and 20-30 at night. This of course is due to my current low level. I average about 7-15 items per minute, only taking about 10-15 minutes for my longest reviews.

I usually try to sit down and take out my review stack every morning in full (somewhere between 80-150). I guess it’s just a matter of preference… I like to do it with my morning coffee to help wake me up. Depending on how alive I am it’ll take about 20-25 minutes for 100. (I like to take it a little slow).

If I really need to break it up that day I’ll do some in the morning and some before bed. I usually learn new items before bed as well. It seems to be the best time for me to remember them well.

I don’t stress too much about level progression necessarily. But I do stress on making it a habit to do my reviews every day. I’ll progress onto the next level and start doing more lessons once I feel really confident with the kanji and vocab that’s coming up in my reviews, that way I make sure I can build on top of that foundation.

Hope that was helpful! I’m still a bit of a WaniKani noob, but I’ve had two years of Japanese classes before this and I’m trying to get back into language learning :smile:

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Sorry about that!
I just threw it here because I’ve never made a post before. I appreciate the correction.

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I’m going to test it just for the lolz. Asking the staff is overrated anyway

EDIT: It’s 30 minutes!!! \o/ @Omun @Naphthalene


I do mine all throughout the day. My piles are never big, YET. I have been sick a few times, like I am right now and my reviews have been longer because of it. However, generally I do then when they are available to me.

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In my head I always repeat all the readings I know and associated vocab, so i’m a bit slower than some other people here. I’m doing 50 in 25 minutes or so?

My approach is to actively make time for Japanese study, and end my day always with 0 reviews. That’s obviously not feasible for everyone, but I’d say it’s good to at least spend some time on it every day. Not to get it to zero, but to keep things manageable.

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You’ve learned my terrible secret! I mindlessly go through the forums without really reading.


If it’s in Introductions I just quickly do the intro post. karenshrug No one should complain about getting a Chiya image anyway!


I’m about 1 level per month, maybe 2 reviews per minute?

10 min for 100 reviews seems too fast for me. I will try to aim 30 min for 100 reviews!

And usually I’m doing my review during public transit in the morning and afternoon, that’s what I like to do beside sleeping in the train and bus :smile:

At home in the evening I’m less efficient because I’m sometimes distracted.


Usually about 10-60 minutes depending on how distracted I get during it. I usually have like 200 reviews when I start a session.

17 mins per 100 reviews if im focusing. Always get it down to 0.

10 mins per 1 review if im being hecka lazy and have some stuff on my other monitor im watching.

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