Level 30, is 60 divided by 2

Hey, it just dawned upon me I’m level 30 apparently, that’s like, halfway there !
So I thought I’d make a topic, saying I’m level 30, hey guys did you know I was level 30 ?

Anyway I just wanted an excuse to release some stuff
I’m not done yet on WK so no fancy stuff, that’s for level 60, but I’ve been logging haha some data that might have some use, might help lower level people see how many lessons they should expect to do to get a certain level up time, see how many lessons they get on a level up, how many vocab you unlock at the start of a given level, and probably things I can’t think of because I should go to bed, but it’s mainly stuff for managing your journey and making it predictable, if that’s your thing.

I thought about releasing it when I’m 60, but most people above 30 are already in it to win it (usually), and have a grip on the system (usually), and it would be more helpful to beginners and such, which are usually below 30.
It might help no one, but if it can help one person, then mission accomplished.

It better work, because so far it hasn’t been, and I want s l e e p.

There’s 2 sheets, one with stats, and one with lessons and such, it seems the stats one isn’t loading a 10th of what I put, oh well, it’s nothing to worry about, there’s just WKStats accuracy, some other accuracy stuff, a zoomed out page of all the items of a given level, and me taking notes of who isn’t leveling up in my leaderboard to make some room, if you got deleted don’t take it the wrong way i’m sorry i love you

Here's how to read it, though it's fairly simple
  • Radical Kanji Vocab: You know how to read, that’s how many lessons I did of what kind of item
  • N: That’s what level the lessons are from
  • Le soir: I don’t know why I put it in french, but that’s lessons I did in the evening or late afternoon
  • LQ: Lesson queue at the end of the day
  • +: How many lessons were added that day in total
  • Total lesson: Total lesson

  • Stuff: Stuff, that’s where interesting stuff is:
  • 125T, would be that this level has 125 Total vocab, that’s just for reference
  • 25u, is how many vocab is unlocked at the start of a level
  • 35L, is how many vocab is unlocked from the second batch of kanji (the one that makes you level up)
  • 19.9, I stopped doing that, but that’s how many vocab I did from the next level (useless tbh)
  • If I didn’t adress it, it’s that I have no idea what it is, or it’s self explanatory


Don’t ask me why it’s called b233

It starts from level 5 because that’s when I started logging things

if it doesn’t work and you feel like downloading it, it’s an .ods file, so libreoffice (or any other should work)


Wait! Level what?! :grin:
I just got up to completing level three, except for a few more vocab. Will be nice when I am in 2 digit levels.


Congrats @Loglog74 ! And just so you know, I had to google b233 to see if it’s some obscure reference. to save the rest of you time, the only thing that came up was Baldwin B233 Lube Spin-On Filter. :joy:


Good work! On to the next half! Also thanks for the spreadsheet, a lot of interesting stats!

As for me, also almost at the halfway point! Level 27 is taking way too long but today i tackled a 350 review queue and tackled the remaining kanji lesson, so hopefully back on track :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! That’s a huge milestone! The rewarding feeling must be incredible. :blush:

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Congrats. And for everybody that’s doing WaniKani, move at the speed that feels comfortable for you. This is embarassing (for me):

And if you cannot see (apparently), it’s Level 15. After some final exams and stuff, I burned out and surprisingly stopped WaniKani for awhile but then came back to it moving at the same pace as before. I can understand why some people have to stop WK for some time. I prioritize WaniKani, a lot even over my sleep. xD

It kind of sucks that people that relatively started with me or before me passed me or caught up to me (lol), but it doesn’t really matter as long as we all hit our goal (no matter how long it takes us, as long as we are comfortable). :wink:
And surprisingly after the break, I retained nearly everything I had learned. I didn’t have to restart to a previous level. WK is really effective and am glad it exists. :smiley:

Also, please please…
do not be one of those that says they will hit their goal (of usually Level 60) but disappear.
It is sad when I see that happen. Say something about your progress or something at least. :frowning:

Anyways, I hit Level 20 a couple of days ago and am about to dive into the Death Levels! I’m 1/3 the way to sweet cake! :cake: Wait, or is it cupcake? :cupcake: Maybe both? Hmmm… :thinking: I have many activities to do including going to school and playing in Band (which is apart of the school), but manage to continue with Japanese. In my book, any progress made forth is positive. Good luck everybody, and remember to do your WK Reviews and Lessons whenever you have the chance! In this community, we all have faith and support each other! :heart:


ln(60) is about 4


I’ve ran multiple algorithms through extensive testing while cross checking and evaluating the data and I can conclude that 30 is half of 60 (in base 10 counting at least).



you are not wrong.

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You’re half way there!!

Image result for cute anime boop gif"

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Thanks everyone !

It’s coming faster than you think if you keep at it !

Well, you did waste your time, because I don’t even know why it’s named that myself lol

Holy hell that’s a lot, just don’t go too fast, spending a day without doing lessons is fine, do your best and get that 30 ! (then 60)

It is ! I’m scared of 60, because once you’re done with the last lessons, while it’s great to have finished WK, well, there’s turtles to burn but… how do I level up to 61 ???

Breaks are necessary for a lot of people, not going consistently fast is fine, I didn’t, I took a break when I started work at 12, it was necessary since I didn’t feel great, I took another break at 21, just too many vocab I couldn’t get right and I was frustrated with those, I did my reviews and it felt nice having 60 reviews a day, also I started burning items around that period, so I got some work off myself, the key is restarting the lesson train, at the right time, and don’t worry, it pains me too when I see people talk about their level, that they’re motivated and all, but it was two years ago and the level didn’t change :frowning:
I won’t update my progress, but my badge will change, or my name isn’t Loglog74 !

ah, yes…


In a way, you’re already more than half way to 60 considering all the short levels starting in the 40s!

Sorry, did not mean to make this a reply to that post in particular and now I don’t know how to change it.

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Oh god, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not lol, but I sure as hell will try to go fast on those !

Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

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