Level 21 before 2021!

Thank you!

I went a little faster on the first levels. About 10-12 days per level seems to be good for me for now at least. I did 20 lessons per day in the beginning and 15 lessons per day now.

Good luck with your studies!

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The important is to find a schedule you are confortable with.

I will share mine.
It might looks fast but it works well for me, without (so far) any sign of overburden. It might changes once the burn review comes though, I’ll adjust aproprialy once I am at this stage.

I level up every Friday at 6 or 7 in the morning (depending on when I wake up).
I will immediately do all lessons for the radical, then depending on the number of radical, kanji, and perceive difficulty, I do all or most of them.

I then review these around noon and around 20h / 8pm.
On saturday to monday, every morning after waking up I will do vocab lessons, to finish previous level vocab and begin current level vocab.
The goal is to be at 0/0 items on monday morning.
The number of items will be spread on three days, it is between 20 and 30.
I try to do more on saturday and sunday to have a light load on monday, as:

On monday around 16h / 4pm, I clear the batch of review for radicals and do all the lessons for the rest of the kanji of this level.

The first review for this second batch is in the evening, then on wake up.
Then from tuesday to thursday, this is the same routine. Waking up. Doing my review. Doing my batch of lessons for unlocked vocab from the first batch (also spread on three days).

As I do most of my review on time (thanks again @ejplugge for your fantastic work on the app), the review post apprentice spreads themselves naturally:

One thing to keep is mind is that it might takes weeks to see the changes in your schedule. The first few level (until level 5 or 6) I did all the lessons at once. The overload was real. It has dissipated only two weeks ago.


The average lessons is “fairly” low, less than what you do at least:


Congrats Marifly :dango: Onward and forward. You are within the striking distance of 21.

It is a big deal, nightmaker :cupcake: A level up is a power up :star2:[quote=“Abbas099, post:1553, topic:42614”]
Oh how I love to make myself suffer

Namu Amida Butsu


Congrats on your level up :hamburger:

Hearty congratulations Yuuzuu :rice_ball: Your persistence is quite admirable :ok_hand: your version 3.0 is better than ever. Ike!

Congrats MissBerry :ramen: Sleep well and grow stronger :metal: (A pun of Coach Ukai’s “Eat well and Grow stronger” monologue from Haikyuu ) Tsuyoku nare!

Congrats :confetti_ball: :bento: You are awesome :clap: Ganbatte kudasai sagittarius18 :raised_hands:t2:

Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven’s door :wink::stuck_out_tongue:

Nagai yuume da :green_salad: Don’t look at your days until you level up. It might minimize the feeling of helplessness. Faito! Faito! Faito!


Congrats hodgeling :taco: You are in good company. Keep climbing :woman_climbing:


Just take as long as you need, this is a whole language your trying to learn after all. Nevermind the fact that it’s one of the hardest to learn for native English speakers.

On a side note though, I swear the number of lessons (out the gate) for level 14 was way higher than the other levels. Or am I just going crazy…


Not it isn’t. I actually compiled a list of those lessons. Level 11 and 14 both have the highest number of vocab lessons in the beginning (44) which makes the total number so big.


I am currently working through those vocab now so I feel that acutely. Just 14-15 more!


A visual representation of me and my current level:

Note: I am not Ryu…



I’m in the same boat. I’ve made it to level 10 twice now. So third time was relatively easy.
Now that I’m in new levels past that they are so hard as my brain got lazy with the previous levels. Now it’s like it (my brain) expects me to be able to retain things with the same ease and refuses to adjust to the new difficulty.

I know it will happen eventually, but it is such a pain waiting for that adjustment to take place…

She does have a book! You can find it on her website. :smiley:

Do you mean Unlocking Japanese isn’t worth the price?
I’ve been wanting to get this book for awhile, but just haven’t gotten around to it due to lack of time, what have you heard about it?



Level 11! moved to next group
officially joined the pain train :sob:


Yay! Onwards and upwards!


I see that most of the people is a lot faster than me. I’ve been 37 days in level 5.

Do you always do all your lessons? I usually try to do enough to not get over of 100 reviews for the next day, because it’s a lot and I know I wouldn’t have enough time to do it.

How many reviews are you doing in average per day to have an average level up of less than 15 days?

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You are on a “Highway to Hell” (Too many “Guns N Roses” references from me :joy:). Glad to have your company.

It is okay to move at your own pace. Once you move up a few levels it is hard to have days with less than 100 reviews. One advantage with your pace is you would most likely have rock solid foundation when you move up. It is okay to move at a slower pace until IRL stuff permits you to spend more time on WaniKani.

I generally do 20-25 lessons and all reviews on a majority of days (which tends to vary between 150-200). There are people who consistently move at 7 days or 10 days, and admittedly sometimes it makes me want to go fast. And then I realize I have to move at my own pace or I would end up screwing up my learning. I rushed through one of my levels at 7 days and I still commit mistakes from those entries while my other entries (12 days or more - my pace) tend to have far fewer mistakes. I spent 18-20 days each on level 11 and 12 due to commitments in IRL. Ideally I would have preferred to complete them in 10-12 days, but life happens. So as long as you slowly move forward it is okay.

It is normal to freak out when everyone around you is running faster. It is normal to freak out your friends may move so far ahead you can’t see them. The truth is everyone has their own circumstances in life, so move at your own pace. Your friends will help you out if you ask them for help no matter how far ahead they are. You will always find new friends joining the journey, think of it this way you get to learn and meet more interesting people than others.

In the end all your worries, self-doubts, frustration etc. only makes you human, like the rest of us. You are in good company my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


For the last 1.5 months I tried to maintain on 20 lessons per day, with this I can get 8-10 day per level. Number of reviews nowadays is on 100-170 :no_mouth: and I’m sure it will increased when these item start enlightening & burning :sob:

20 lessons per day sounds scary for me at the beginning :sob: for the first 3 months I did lessons irregularly, sometimes none, sometimes 10, and so on. But I got pretty good insight in how to reach a reasonable speed efficiently at this masterpiece: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )


If you mean Unlocking Japanese, I have it and I think it’s wonderful, but it’s also short. I would love if she would write a full textbook or even a series of textbooks that cover everything in her structure videos.


Ah I get you.

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happy forum cake day AYAYA


Yeah, lucky level 13 this joke was made before! Leveled up yesterday evening, but haven’t had time for a post yet. I know everyone is dying to hear my advice about level 12 and what can I say?


Anyway, I hope @Aikibujin will make it soon, too, and yeah, that’s about it. Next level up will be nice as I’ll be finally out of the ~130 vocab-levels.


I was thinking about bying that book. Does it offer a good start into grammar and nothing more? Or what can I expect?

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