Level 21 before 2021!

Wait, if I can trust a certain thread there are a couple of ~130 vocab-levels not that far off. :cowboy_hat_face:


Well, level 17 and 18, but 18 has only 30 Kanji and other than those two?


I wish I could say it did but it’s more of a companion to the videos or a traditional grammar book. It doesn’t start from first principles. If you’re interested in Dolly’s system I would recommend the videos. If you want to learn from a book I hear good things about Japanese the Manga Way.


Yes level 18 is a reaaaal laid back level… I just did a 100 reviews and then this happened :scream:
But this is my own fault, I decided since I am doing well I would be taking it a bit slower in the weekend. I am not doing any more lessons untill this beast ist tackeled and the reviews are down again.


Yeah, unfortunately when I posted that Ryu post, that was me completely failing my level up review. I still have 2 days now before I can level up. :pensive:


Btw, is that the same Ryuu as the one who was used to remember the stream Kanji?


LOL, indeed!

And funnily enough, I had NO problem remembering that Kanji. :stuck_out_tongue:


The one I had the most problems with this time was: 都

I kept looking at it, and usually I come up with a little story about the radicals in the Kanji, sometimes Koichi’s, but often time my own. And Koichi’s definitely didn’t do it for me this time.

So I look at it and keep on thinking Someone building. And usually I would think ok someone has built something and I would relate it to the word, but Metropolis just wouldn’t come to my mind as something someone built. I guess because a metropolis is such a big thing, it’s like my mind gives more credit to the little guys. It’s like dude that wasn’t one person, it takes a lot of people to build a metropolis, so it just wouldn’t stick. Especially when trying to relate it to ト.

So I used my geek brain and changed it to Someone’s Building.
And I thought who has the biggest building in Metropolis? Lex Luthor.
Since Superman can’t just outright kill Lex, best way to deal with him is just eye lazer him in the ト!

I then thought of this little skit, like you would see a montage of on Youtube, where every time Lex pisses off Superman and does that little smirky thing, like ‘you can’t hit me’ he just subtly looks at his toe and blasts it, and Lex is swearing and jumping around. LOL

It worked for me. :smiley:


Walks in like Wendy Williams during that video where the whole audience in silent…

Stands here waiting…

Stands here waiting for you to notice the 4 next to their picture…

Oh this old thing?! Yeah I leveled up like 10 minutes ago… It’s pretty right? Yeah I guess it’s cool…


2 days till level up! :see_no_evil:


I love/hate those last few days where that last kanji you need to level up is at apprentice 3, and so far it’s been coming to you very easily so you KNOW you’re going to level up.


Don’t you just? :joy: For me this is all just re-learning old things, so I’m just so eager to move ahead now.


Agreed all my radicals released today were kanji that I already know. But I know that relearning them will help cement them long term memory so I’m being patient.


I’m having trouble with this word so I will remember your little story about Lex and Superman. I love how creative people are with their mnemonics.


If I ever miss it again, I’m going to imagine Superman lazering me in the toe and I’ll get all mad about it.
LOL :smiley:


Level up! Still on track with 7 days and some hours per level!
Still breezing with the vocabulary words (luckily) and amazed STILL of the amount of words I knew totally separated from their kanji. Makes me feel like I was afraid of nothing before. Kanji seems less scary know than a month ago, even those tricky ones with just the one stroke for difference…

Let’s keep it up friends! Hope to see you all on the finish line, but as always, remember to celebrate the daily progress as well!
:cherry_blossom: :star2: :sunflower: :cake:

Question: Do I have to manually change my level on the main post every time?


oh no I missed my own cakeday! i didn’t know WK had an indicator for that. thank you so much for 気づく-ing me!


Yes, You need to manually update the main post. Congrats on your level up PamuPanda :star2:

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I 気づくed your usage of 気づくin a sentence :stuck_out_tongue:


Which scripts are those to have the reviews timeline and JLPT progression bar?
Thanks in advance.

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For the JLPT level I’m using this [Userscript] Progress Percentages , while the timeline I’m using this one [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline .
Your welcome ~