Level 10 Progress Update

Checking in after hitting level 10. I’m at around 150 reviews in apprentice, 300 each in guru and master, 800 in enlightened; and the rest burned after around 7 months total using the site. I’m exhausted but feeling like I made it over a hump. Anyone else struggle at this point? Any pointers? I’m nervous to take a break because last time I did was a week on vacation, and I ended up with over 400 reviews. Took a few glasses of wine and a Studio Ghibli film in the background to make it through. Thanks in advance!


Keep chugging along and if you do take a break make sure you put vacation mode on so you don’t get swamped again!


I completely forgot about vacation mode, thank you!!


And so, next time you can really enjoy your wine and Ghibli film. :wink:


For me, the key is to not focus on how many reviews are left, just to make room for like 1 hour of review each day, no matter what, it helped me a lot getting over the hardships :slight_smile:

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If I have too many reviews, or too many items in Apprentice, I often pass on doing new lessons for the day, or maybe only do half (typically I only do 12 new lessons a day).
It helps them from piling up and me feeling like the new stuff isn’t sticking.

I would say take less lessons than usual for a change. Amount of review might increase because of older items coming back. You gotta be ready for it💪

A few things that worked for me, my personal routine is enclosed in parentheses:
  • Keeping lessons and review times at a routine time everyday. (in my case: reviews first thing before breakfast, then lessons while having breakfast, reviews at least once in the afternoon, and at least once at night, zeroing out all reviews before sleeping, do reviews throughout the day if I have them available and also if I have the time to do it)
  • Keeping apprentice counts around 100 (I have increased this now to 150 since as you go longer in WK, you can handle more reviews)
  • Limiting youself to a set number of lessons per day (I personally do 10 a day:4 kanji, 6 vocab, radical lessons are done right away regardless of the 10 lesson limit, I find this method suits my speed and allows me to not pile up too many vocab while also keeping me in a roughly two weeks per level pace)
  • Celebrate your burns, your high accuracy review sessions, and definitely celebrate every level up you make! (this is important especially for troublesome items! it is a very good feeling once you get them to Master and beyond!)
  • Lastly, the quoted comment from @zyoeru below:

The advice above? Couldn’t have said it better myself. Here’s me and a train with the same advice:
keep chugging along!

All the best on your studies @makkurokurosuke!

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Well I’m that kind of person that rushes everything.
I’m the guy that start to play World Of Warcraft with you and the day after you log in at level 10 and I’m 90.
Doing the same with WankiKani… and It’s stressing.
The only thing you need to do It’s to do it everyday no matter what… don’t stress yourself by doing EVERY single review… stress yourself to put in one hour per day, no more than that.

Learning is like this… It’s not japanese, It’s how learning works :smiley:

You can do It, for sure!

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Just hit level 10 on Monday. I’m at 114 apprentice 451 guru 482 master 366 enlightened 0 burned. Though I just started in late April. I’m just hitting the wall now. Some of the vocab that is leftover from level 9 is pain in the arse.

Good luck!

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