Wanikani browser lessons acting really weird

I only have 18 vocab lessons left as per WK stats list and Wanikani is telling me I have 41 lessons left. It keeps making me relearn the same 6 over and over again and I don’t have time to get down to 0 right now but I’m guessing that’s what will fix it. All scripts are turned off. Sometimes while doing a repeating lesson it will tell me the answer before I have a time to enter it and sometimes it will tell me it’s wrong and that it’s [other lesson item].


Mobile says same amount of lessons

Do you have more than one tab open?

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Specifically more than one lesson or review WaniKani tab.

Specifically lessons

Close all but one of them. Sometimes WaniKani acts weird if you have more than one tab with it open.

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Lessons are being weird recently for me too. I keep getting lessons for some vocab I previously had a lesson on.

Update: Closed all tabs on all browsers (laptop, phone, tablet, work compy, etc.) and tried some lessons again. Didn’t have any repeats this time! :slight_smile:

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