Script that displays lesson contents

Hello, all! Hope you are having a good day of Japanese studies.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a script that displays (on the dashboard) the item type of future lessons. For example, if I just levelled up and have 40 lessons, it would show that I have 5 radical lessons available, 10 kanji lessons, and 25 vocab lessons.

After some poking around here in the forums and on GreasyFork, the only things that pop up have to do with re-ordering the lessons, not displaying lesson type.

Hopefully I described what I’m looking for clearly enough. It’s possible that I just dont know the right search terms to have this script pop up, so any help is appreciated!

This maybe?

For these kinds of things, there’s a thread you can look through


Thank you so much, this was exactly the thing I was looking for. And thanks for the comprehensive list. somehow it slipped past me in my searches :sweat_smile:

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