Lessons not coming quick enough in level 3

When you level up you first get the vocab for the kanji you gurud on the last level. Then you get radical lessons, kanji lessons and finally more vocabulary lessons.

This is indeed how it’s going to be also moving forward. There are user scripts that you can install, which allows you to tweak the ordering of lessons. I’m not a user of them, so I can’t recommend them (there is also the issue of overusing them and getting into problems later with too many reviews).

But, as @BreadstickNinja mentions, the lack of stuff to do is mostly because you’re early in the SRS-process. As you get items up to Master and Enlightened, they will come back at intervals when you already have new items to review. In other words, you’ll be plenty busy keeping up with your reviews at that point. ^^

And any spare time you get, you should consider using to study other aspects of Japanese, such as grammar, particles, conjugation forms, counters, keigo.etc. Or you might wanna take time to read, practice listening or talking. I’m sure you’ll find something worthwhile to spend time doing. :slight_smile:

If you do feel the need to change the ordering of lessons…this is how you do it: