Lessons etc

I am pretty new! I finished a review of the first radicals, but don’t get any new lessons!
Is my account bugged or do i have to earn them, by having all of them perfect?
Best regards
Artur :slight_smile:


There’s nothing wrong with your account.
Make sure to read thoroughly the FAQ and WK Guide. If you still have questions left, you can come back to the forums and ask. :slight_smile:


I havn’t seen it!
Thank you so much <3

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@ArturUsbek We get this question a lot here, so I’m curious… Why didn’t you read the tour? We’re trying to figure out how to best make new people aware of this in another thread, so it would be nice to have some insight :slight_smile:


Nice try dude. I doubt we’ll ever see the end of this though. It’s a noob’s right of passage.


@ArturUsbek Did you see this information in the tutorial?
How much time did you spend searching the site for this information?
Did you search the forum before making this post?
Did you see the guide or FAQ in the new user checklist?

As @Kumirei said, we’re looking for feedback on this.


This is just my experience that I remember from last summer…

I was so thrilled to have even discovered WK, that I raced through all the lessons without reading anything. I already knew most of these level 1 items anyway so I really did race through it. I then got all huffy and went on the forum to rant about it but some other fellow noob had already beaten me to it.

HIs post had some of the usual "GAWD! why don’t you read the FAQs type responses so I sheepishly went back to read them…

I think it’s simply that strong emotions such as excitement and frustration short circuit one’s ability to think rationally. I don’t think we’ll ever see the end of this unless the WK team hire swat teams to flash bang grenade noobs’ bedrooms, point an assault rifle at their heads and sceam "DID YOU READ THE @#&%ING FAQS?!?!?!

Maybe there should be a bot that automatically posts “please read the FAQ and guide” on these kinds of posts and then everyone wins and people don’t have to get pissed off at all the excited newbies😜

Hey guys!
I read the FAQ some months ago, but stopped using Wanikani after some minutes. Since I am now at the point, where i have to remember too much Kanjis, I thought about startin WaniKani again. I don’t know what kind of “Tour” you guys are speaking about 汗.
To sornvru:
I havn’t seen the Tutorial this time. But probably some months ago!
I overlooked these Information, since the checkboxes caught my eyes! Maybe it is better to make these letter Bold or in an extra textbox.
I was searching for “no lessons” and other keywords, but couldn’t find anything useful.

Have a nice day and best regards! :sunny:

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This isn’t an introduction thread, but Welcome!

You seem like a nice person, I hope you stick around! I do have to wonder though… Are you actually from Uzbekistan, or is that just your name? :thinking:

Upon closer inspection I have determined the spelling is indeed different, so you are probably not from Uzbekistan. Oh well… :man_shrugging:

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I am from Kazakhstan! :smiley:
But living in Germany! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh right! Well, it’s another central Asian country, so it’s still really cool!

This is only half a joke, and half “hey this could be a good idea” but we should add a bunch of lessons that have questions from the FAQ / Guide and they have to answer it correctly to move on.


a j-
hey this could b-

I wonder if anyone will get this… :thinking:


Not sure if this was suggested, but adding a message like “Why don’t I have more lessons?” in the Lesson’s button when someone level 1 has 0 lessons and then leading them directly to the part that explains it in the FAQ/Guide by clicking there would be the best solution in my opinion.


E a good idea

? :japanese_ogre:

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Seems like a frequent pattern is start WK, come back after a few months and then actually start using it. How about detecting that the usage has started now and re-display everything? (There should also be an email that explained that you need to wait …?)

I have previously started this thread, which we have been talking about some possible solutions @koichi @jprspereira @Kumirei

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That’s the thread I meant when I said we’ve been discussing this

hey me too :slight_smile: from Kazakhstan to Germany (but now in Poland) :smile:

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