After 26 lessons


Hey guys I just finished my first 26 lesson. But now it’s 0 what do I do next?


Read the FAQ and Guide ^^


Read the FAQ and Guide =)

EDIT: Leebo’d!


Only replying to show that not everyone here is level 60 (Damn these helpful elders always arriving so early)


If you wait long enough, the people reading this in some years time will disagree with you :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep forgetting about WK Historians whenever I comment >_<


I very much doubt that


Uhh, just in case. Because I know I didn’t get this when I started…

In a while (couple hours?) your new radicals will show up in the review queue. Then the cool circle above :“review” will say 26 instead of 0. You’ll need to refresh for it to say that, though. When that happens, you can review the radicals you learned. When you’ve reviewed them succesfully enough times, you unlock more lessons…

I feel like someone will tell me “this is written clearly in the FAQ and Guide!” but I swear the obvious basics aren’t there man. I’m not stupid!


Yeah, the basic idea is you do some stuff, and then you wait, and then repeat. And eventually you aren’t “waiting” so much as “resting”.


And as long as you’re waiting, you can work your way through here.

It will give you plenty to do! :sparkles: