Where do I even start?

I can’t click on anything, everything is greyed :confused:
“lessons” and “reviews” are greyed. Where do i start ? That’s very confusing.

What have you done?

Have you done 26 radicals’ lesson? If so, you have to wait 4 hours before you can have a review.

And 4 days as fastest to unlock more new lessons.

I’ve finally found the link…
Read these topics: - New People Questions! ~~~<3

Yeah, if you literally never got to do anything, then that’s a bug and you should email hello@wanikani.com

If you did the initial lessons, maybe look at the FAQ and guide.

How about try a screenshot? That way, it would be helpful for us to see what we could do. If we could not help, you can email hello@wanikani.com explaining the situation.

I think you fused a word there.


@chezmax thank you for pointing that out. Happens when i type too fast. Thank you.

Gonna fix it now

Just hoping you figured things out since it’s been a few days.

Everything okay now?