Missing lessons for kanji and vocabulary?

Hey everyone, I just leveled up today but I noticed that on wkstats, I’m missing lessons on two kanji as seen below.

Additionally, I’m also missing these vocabularies:

Is this a bug or are they just not part of WaniKani’s set anymore?

So it turns out that I haven’t guru’d the fortune radical yet which is why I can’t learn 点 and 店 yet. However, I’m still wondering why I can’t learn 向く and 方向 yet?


What’s the status of the 向 kanji?

Guru I

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And I apologize for the “is it plugged in?” level troubleshooting, but you’re all caught up on lessons? Or, if you do have lessons pending, these aren’t in there?

Haha no worries. Yup, I have no lessons in my queue - I just went through all the beginning level 7 lessons.

Then I would say that you should email them, or tag the staff. I forget who is the right one for this kind of thing though.


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