Lessons Didn't save

So I have a system of doing 10 lessons in a sitting, and when I was done I notice my remaining lessons was off… Confused and unsure I decided to simply go back inn and do another set then.
I went back in and found the set I got was the 5 lessons I had just completed. I did the reviews of them without trouble, no scripts in play, yet they hadn’t saved.

All I had to do was skip to the end and redo the review of them, so didn’t take much. But it was an odd glitch and thought it would be best to mention it.
Only the second set of 5 did not save, the first set I did had saved.

I’m using firefox on mac laptop, no active scripts on lessons. First time noticing, might have been a one time hick up.

I have the same problem too , but i’m using scripts , what seem to be the problem? it’s annoying me -_-

It only happened once for me, didn’t reoccur later. So I’m not sure why it happened, and no one else commented (till now) so I guess it is a rare hick up? If it happens a lot maybe try another browser, less scripts?

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Perhaps you’ve just come off vacation mode? I remember this having something to do with that several weeks ago.

nah , never done vacation mode

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Interesting :thinking:. I usually get this with reviews, not with lessons…

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The last item in my review I almost always have to do twice :wink:
But only the last item, no more, so I can live with that

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This has happened to me several times over the last few days as well. Like you said, just the last item. Not super inconvenient, but odd.

I’ve had that bug for months =P

Sounds lame. I’ve had it only for about a week or so now.

This has happened to me a number of times, too: either losing a whole set of five or a subset.

It seems to only happen when I’m doing lessons on my phone, going in and out of coverage, but I always wait until I see that I’m connected before submitting the final answer.

I haven’t really found a concrete pattern to it, though. (I’m also unwilling to intentionally experiment, since it can significantly mess with how I try to time reviews throughout the day)

It seems to have gone away O_o
I haven’t gotten the “last item didn’t save on review” glitch the last couple of reviews now! =D


Or not… guess it’s random =P

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this time it was 7 out of 10 vocab that were repeated :angry:

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This happened to me only once so far.

I also get the same glitch, usually every other day. :confused:

Now I had one review due and I still had to do it twice because of that.

Just wanted to let everyone know we are looking into this.

If you are having the problems described by the OP, can you state if you are using any scripts, extensions, or one of the mobile apps? And if you are, can you try disabling all of them to see if the problem persists?

I’ve been having this issue for about two months but I figured it was my punishment for using Internet Explorer 11 (the only web browser on my work computer).
No scripts, no extensions.

As a follow up, we implemented some changes that should help out a bit with the lesson submission. The lessons should now behave like reviews — if there’s an error submitting the lessons, we save the list of completed lessons locally and let you know that there was a problem. When you reload the page, it tries to send us those completed lessons again. It’s a little disruptive, but it let’s y’all know there was a problem sending them in, and you shouldn’t lose your work. :slight_smile:

We think this is mainly caused by connectivity issues, but let us know if you keep seeing the problem. We’re hard at work plotting the next improvements for WaniKani, and getting the submission process smoother with connection issues like this is high on the list.