Lessons are blurry while everything else in WK is fine

I have no idea why this is happening, I looked through my scripts and disabled all of them including WKF. That’d definitely rule out tampermonkey as a the culprit, right? I could see it possibly being associated with my theme style, but that just seems… odd. Anyone know what this could be?

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Got a screenshot?

Let me do that real quick!

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When I go into lessons:

I can click on things in the lessons like if it was loaded like normal, just really blurry.

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Also, I just noticed the home button and skip button aren’t blurry. Maybe that’s because it’s just an overlay of sorts?

Which scripts do you use?

Quite a variety, I’ll list them in a second but I’ve disabled all of them and it didn’t work so I enabled them again. Though after disabling tampermonkey itself I just fixed it (I did this while writing this reply)… But to turn all scripts off individually doesn’t work. Let me do some more troubleshooting here, but definitely related to scripts/tampermonkey.

I found the faulty script. This issue is now resolved!


Which one was it? If others will wonder in the future.

I was just determining what the script was for. It was “Wanikani Lesson Balance” I probably was tired when I installed that one because I didn’t read what it actually did… Interesting concept though

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Just deactivate all and if it fixes it, activate one by one until you see which one is the culprit. I did that when I started to have issues and got fed up with it.

But now I just don’t use any scripts Lol. Don’t care for it.

I understand that, though I find the stats to be a great tool overall if you know what you’re looking for. For instance, I left WK for over 300 days without vacation mode on, so I was obviously overloaded coming back. Looking at my workload and such I can see how many items were in apprentice, guru, etc… I can definitely see when I let items pile up or when my accuracy on higher SRS level items goes down by a lot. So if I look back in time I can probably see prior mistakes in my WK use.

But it’s all preference, do what you want!

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