Lesson Ordering not working as expected?

  1. Had app->“lesson ordering” setting set to “shuffled”
  2. Leveled up, so now at 112 available lessons.
  3. Changed setting to “ascending level, then shuffled”
  4. Started lessons
  5. First 4 lessons are radicals under the new level, whereas I was expecting vocab from the previous level to show first.

Once I did the first four lessons, then it gives me a bunch of vocab from the previous lessons.

The userscripts installed should have no effect on lesson order, and confirmed in an incognito window.

Am I missing something silly here, or is this a bug?

Any chance you somehow missed some of the previous level’s radicals due to previously using random for your setting?

That was my first thought as well but no, I only had 20 lessons available before I leveled up and they were all from advancing kanji. I also confirmed that the four radicals that appeared first in the review list are in the new level and not the previous level.

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