Lesson ordering changes on refresh

@viet Any insight you can share on this?

The only script I have that interacts with lesson ordering is Lesson Filter and the only script that @Omun has that interacts with lesson ordering is Reorder Ultimate 2. So there’s no overlap between our scripts even though we’ve both seen this issue.

Additionally, can you share if all ordering is done on the server side or if any is done in JavaScript when the page loads? My Lesson Filter script works by filtering the content in l/activeQueue and l/lessonQueue and resetting them, but it does it specifically in sequential order so that the ordering set by the Ascending level then subject setting is maintained. If l/activeQueue and l/lessonQueue are set deterministically I can’t think of any way my script could filter them differently from one load to another.

And to add one more thing, I’ve never seen the items change just by refreshing the page or executing the filter behavior on my script. I always see this when I’ve completed at least one of my lesson batches (including the quiz portion) and the refresh occurs during the second or third batch. I tend to notice the items being different because I add notes during my kanji lessons and the kanji with notes is no longer in the remaining lessons batch(es) when I go to redo them after the accidental refresh, only to have the kanji with notes appear during the next day’s lessons.