Im becoming annoyed

so i have like 66 lesson to go through and idk how i should go through them because i still have the vocab to do from lesson one and then now i have redicals from lesson 2 mixed in there too and over all its making me feel like im in a tight space and dont know how to get out of it any advice?

Trust the process. Just do the lessons as they come and you’ll progress that way. If WaniKani gives you radical lessons then do those, if it gives you vocab then do those.

After a few weeks adjust the number of lessons you’re doing depending on whether the load is too high or too low.

It’s possible to reorder to “optimize” your flow for certain objectives but that’s best left for later when you have more experience. For now just do whatever WaniKani wants you to do.


do i go through all of them today?

It’s probably not a good idea to do all lessons at once. Just do a couple every day, 10 or 15 is a good starting point, and you can increase or decrease the number depending on what workload you’re comfortable with. The most important thing is doing reviews, you can do lessons when you feel comfortable adding more to your review pile.


Yeah as @BIsTheAnswer says 10 lessons is a good baseline to start with, then you can adjust later depending on the review load.

And always do your reviews. If you feel overwhelmed and/or don’t have enough time for a full session one day, don’t do more lessons but always strive to do all your reviews.


okay so then after i do my 10 every day what do i do after that?

I’d say do you reviews first, when you get your reviews to zero do 10 lessons. Then wait for more reviews…

You can do several sessions through the day to go through your reviews in smaller batches. Doing one session the morning and one in the evening can be a good idea.

But always only do one lesson session every day. So you can do 10 lessons in the morning and then only take care of the reviews the rest of the day.


Do your 10 lessons everyday.

Make sure you have no review pending at least once (preferably twice) a day.

As you level up you will get a feel for the comfortable pace for you and can adjust your timing for lessons accordingly.

Then when you feel like wanikani is part of your routine you can explore further this forum and get to more « advanced » questions: optimize your WK through third party/apps, additional resourced to help you study, etc… Personally getting the App on my phone was the first priority.

Don’t be afraid or frustrated to do one step at a time, there are more than one layer to your WK journey. Your main objective right now should be to build wanikani into your routine so it is natural.

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And by the way, leftover vocab from previous lesson will always get mixed up with new unlocked lesson. This is completely normal.

And it’s okay if you mix previous vocab with new radicals & kanjis. Just make sure you don’t accumulate lessons from 2 prior levels and you’ll be fine.

that the thing i have vocab lessons from level one that i didnt complete and then i also have new radicals and like 8 kanji from level 2 which made it stack up and at first i have originally 80 or something lessons and i got it down to like 70 or so but idk if i should do all the vocab from level 1 right now or do i just do them by 10 lessons every day or what and then after i do my 10 lessons that day what do i do after them like do i study them or what? idk if this will make any sense but im just feeling very overwhelmed and i feel rushed to the a point that ill do a lesson and i cant remember what i read and then that will add more stress and stuff onto me and idk overall i feel like im the only person who has this problem and cant solve it for my self so i wont be as stressed or as annoying and stuff like that.

and i also feel like if someone can like show me what they mean and help me it would be way more easy to grasp what yall mean by doing 10 lessons a day and etc

I do 30 lessons a day if I have lessons (I almost always do because of vocab backlog), never more because it will make your daily reviews start to pile up. If you choose to not use a re-order script then do whatever lessons pop.

It’s that simple if you choose to not use scripts.

Consistency is key! keep at it!

to make it all short and all i feel like in a hole and cant get out of it

After you do your ~10 lessons for the day, you don’t need to keep studying them. Wait for them to come in your reviews. SRS works because you’re not cramming the same information in constantly; you have to step away and let yourself start to forget it, then do the review and remember it then.

Mixing vocab, kanji, and radicals is also an expected part of the process. Try not to worry about it!

It’s okay to make mistakes, even if that knocks your SRS level down on a specific item. It’s part of the process - it just means that you need a little more review on it, so you’ll see it in your reviews more frequently. It’s also okay if you don’t make consistent progress at times, especially while you’re still figuring out how the system works.

A tip would be to take your time with the lessons. There’s no need to rush through it. Read the definitions and mnemonics and readings carefully, really focus in and study it during the lesson, and then leave it alone until it pops up in reviews again. If you feel like you rushed your lessons before, you can go back and review them again, but do that once and then step back and let the SRS work.

Starting out is tough, but you’ve got this!


thank you man, i really appreciate you alot. and idk if you know this but im a 16 year old that i studying japanese which is not that common now in this generation and all but its really hard for me to do so because im 16 and my brain isnt like fully developed but i still strive to do so because i love japanese culture, food, car scene and just everything about it and i promised myself that i will do my best to get as much knowledge to be able to speak fluently. but anyways im just yapping lol, thank you once again.

Hey, don’t sell yourself short! If anything, people say that it’s easier to learn a language while you’re young, so don’t think of it like you can’t do it as well because your brain isn’t “fully developed” - that is very much a good thing in this case! Just try not to be too hard on yourself :smile:


Try and do your 10 lessons, and then review them in review queue 4 hours later. If you wait too long it’ll be difficult to recall them.

My WK ‘schedule’ is basically 8am 10 lessons then any reviews, around midday/lunch review again (mainly that morning’s 10 lessons, should cement them a bit, I use a script that shows lowest SRS level first. Might be broken cos today’s update tho), then do some reviews later in the day if I feel like it. Works pretty well, feels a bit slow but I am kinda (very) inconsistent w doing lessons, sometimes I just do the reviews… and then browse the forums for ages…

Don’t stress it too much either way!

Yeah I couldn’t agree more with this. I’m not even frustrated anymore when I get something wrong because I know it’ll just come back sooner, the SRS is there to help you. Believe in yourself and the almighty SRS :smiley:

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Exactly that. If you have reviews to do, do those. Try to get them to zero every day.
If that’s all you do, you won’t be in a hole for long because you’re not adding to the pile doing lessons.

If you get reviews to zero and you still feel like you’ve got more in you, start the lessons. It will ask you after 5 or so, do you want to do more? Recommend you say no after you’ve done 10 or 15. If you do too many lessons too fast, you will get in a hole.

After a month or two you’ll have a good feel for if you should up that number to 20 per day or whatever, but for now guess on the low side.

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So just to preface, I have a decent amount of time to devote to kanji, so keep that in mind.

Personally, I like to do enough lessons so that the amount of items that are apprentice are between 100 to 150. Doing it this way for me helps control the urge to just do all the lessons in one go. So, if my apprentice is more than 150, I know to slow down and focus on leveling up and reviewing what I’m already studying.

Exposing yourself to natural Japanese also helps. Like I was struggling to get myself motivated by using a textbook, but I got to the point where I felt comfortable trying to read Shonen manga in Japanese mostly because they all have furigana. That did wonders for helping me retain info

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