Left-over Vocab in Old Levels?

Hello lovely Kani Community! I just upgraded to premium because I was desperate to finish level 3 and start on the juicy level 4 content, but I’ve noticed that I have about 4 or 5 vocabulary items stuck in level three that didn’t come up in any of my lessons, even though I’m technically level 4 now. I need to be rid of them for peace of mind! Will they come up when I get up to guru on more of my level 3 content, or must I simply be patient? (A virtue that wanikani has forced me to undertake…) Thank you!


The vocabulary unlock once you Guru the kanji that they’re made up of. So if there are any kanji you haven’t quite got to Guru yet, the associated vocabulary will remain locked, even if you level up.


<3 thank you for your wisdom!


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