Leech Script

Is there any script that I could use to see what my leech items are? Something that will maybe show which items I constantly miss.

Not really a script, but if you have access to the mobile app (on android at least, no idea about iOS) there’s a setting there you can use to control which items make it onto the app’s critical item list. You just specify what accuracy threshold to use, instead of the 75% default value used by the WK dashboard (which I find to be too low - hardly anything shows up on the dashboard’s list even if they’re leeches).

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hmm no it’s not on iOS. I don’t have anything on my critical item list either. I guess those pesky items will go away someday.

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So, how does this work? The higher the score, the more leechy it is?

Yes. I think it divides the total wrong answers by your current correct streak.

That script still doesn’t work for me.

Also, leech aren’t usually critical items. Critical items are more usually new items that you can’t remember properly. I wonder what is the real definition of leeches.

I currently find leeches from rfindley’s stat site https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/#items.wk.voc

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I like to use the shinkoku website that create a nice grid of my most failed items so I can take special care of them.

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I have found the abovementioned leech detecting script to be invaluable. I use it every day. The higher the number, the more leechy the item. It displays the 50 worst leeches. It uses the formula (total number incorrect / current streak).

For example: if I’ve got something wrong ten times and the current streak is one, the score is 10.0. If I review that item and get it correct, the streak is two and the score becomes 10/2 = 5.0.

It is a good tool because it separates meaning and recall scores, so that I can see which side is getting me down. I go through the list every day, reciting both meaning and reading. It’s like looking at the Billboard list of most popular songs.

Ideally, I would like those items to be formatted into an anki-compatible CSV so that I can review them with Anki. There is an Anki Exporter tool, which allows you to download a list of ‘critical items’. This tool checks the combined meaning / recognition scores and picks all the items which are below a certain threshhold. The default is 75%, which was too high for me. I adjusted the percentage to 76%, 77%, 78% etc until I got a deck of about 100 items. Then I reviewed 20 new cards every day for five days.

When I exhausted those cards, I went back to the Anki Exporter tool and used a higher percentage to download some more items. I don’t dare set the percentage to 99% because that would overwhelm me with too many items. Also, it is very easy for a brand new apprentice item to be caught in the net. They are not necessarily going to be long term leeches.

The Anki Exporter tool does not make exactly the same list as the leech detector because they are using different methods to select the most difficult items. They are pretty close. I add the extra cards manually.

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This website is exactly what i’ve always wanted. Why did it take so long for me to find it? I’m in love :-):heart_eyes: