Learning Vocab without Anki?

You’re self-studying, correct? I do feel like the typical experience you get in a classroom is different to how languages are learned in the online world of self-studying. Each with its pros and cons, of course.

I’ll give you 2 platforms where you can learn the vocab list that’s used in Genki (which by the way are very common words, so don’t feel like it’s ultra specific vocab, as it is not). You can do this using Anki (free and the established SRS platform for all language learners):


The above link will give you the available decks for Anki that are related to Genki (vocab).

I personally don’t use Anki however. To me the design and the way its built feels old-fashioned and not user-friendly at all. I tried getting into it for 1 year and would constantly drop it. Instead, I’m a big supporter of the SRS platform Kitsun (free for now). It’s created by a WK user and its goal is to bring the quality and the possibilites that SRS allows for learning, but in a quite more intuitive way.

An user (@hinekidori) updated a Genki deck to the Kitsun platform that looks like this:

Link of the deck (must be registed and logged in to see it): Kitsun.io

This deck has the cards tagged with where they are on the Genki, so u can easily find the words of your current chapter and do their lessons (like you’d do on WK):

Let me know if I’m able to help you in any way :slight_smile:

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