Learning vocab outside of wanikani

Wanikani is great! But I’m trying to find a way to learn vocab outside of it to help me progress through my Japanese language journey. I’m using Tae Kim’s grammar guide and Genki for grammar but it’s hard to write sentences without knowing more vocab, especially as the grammar lesson becomes more advanced. I researched and found that I should try to learn the 1000 most common Japanese words. Does anyone know any sites or apps (preferably ones that use SRS) that have the 1000 core words? If so, could you tell me how helpful it was in learning vocab?

https://kitsun.io/ (paid with a free trial) has community decks for the Core 10k words (but of course you could just start with 1000) as well as Genki vocab. Both of those could be useful to you.

I use Kitsun for custom decks where I manually add words that I encounter when reading, so I can’t comment on those community decks in particular. I did do a Core 2k through another service a few years ago, but its usefulness was questionable. That’s not to say learning the 1000 most common words is a bad idea, just that I had mixed results given the specific way I learned them.


KameSame works really well and I believe there is an option to study words from the JLPT as well as the top 10000 words, but I only use it to study the production of the vocab from WK. I would maybe hold on at trying to learn too much vocab because even tho I only at level 6 the amount of vocab increases tremendously, the only vocab I intend to look at is the Genki vocab so i can work through those books

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