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Hey guys, so other than just learning vocabulary, and trying to better our Japanese. Me and the wife have started a game where when we wake up in the morning, we can only talk in Japanese, until we hit something that we don’t know how to say, and then that line will be our lesson for the day. So today we had an early appointment and we broke at:

“Are you getting ready?”

Now, my good friend google says “Anata wa junbi ga dekite imasu ka?” which I interpret at, “Are you able to prepare?” which I don’t feel is really the same…maybe the present tense of “getting” is confusing the translator. Can my WK brethren help me out?


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Please, for you sake, never ever ever use Google translate for Japanese…

Maybe for single words, if you must. But even then there are better options.

Entire sentences? May the gods have mercy on your soul…


できる can mean “can,” but it can also mean “to complete”.

But it’s a mistake to try to match translations word for word.

Somewhere in these forums you will find a thread I made when Google Translate was translating ガチャガチャ ( the little gumball toys) as “Free International Shipping Available For This Item.”

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I remember that one! Excellent example.

Go check-out http://www.translationparty.com and realize how bad Google Translate EN <–> JP is.

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This is so weird

Hold on… WHAT (the word has the same meaning in Swedish as in English)

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I learnt something new.

If I could get free international shipping out of a vending machine for a few hundred yen I would be really happy


At translation party, “To be or not to be. That is the question.” ended up as “I do not need. This is a problem.” :joy: too funny!

You guys know you can suggest better translations on Google translate, right? That’s how it improves.

You mean I should suggest “mini” as an English translation as well?

I feel like we’re even better at derailing threads on the new forum :'D

@theonegoku, you could ask on HiNative if you want to know how to say something naturally in Japanese. I don’t trust my grammar enough yet to offer up a response.

Your game sounds cool by the way and a good way to practice. I mostly just talk to Siri. Forever alone…


On HiNative, I think I learnt Japanese a little by helping Japanese people learn English / Thai (笑).

Of course, you can ask for help as well.

This is one of the reasons you don’t even look at translations from Google/Bing…

It translated my tweet talking about 傷物語 (Kizumonogatari) into 化物語 (Bakemonogatari)… which is pretty simple, let alone the issues when you get into more complex Japanese.

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準備(じゅんび)ができていますか? can mean “are you ready?”
(literally “are the preparations complete?”)

In your case I’d say じゅんび してる?
(the colloquial version of していますか)

Yep, most things I see show either 「準備(じゅんび)をしている?」or「用意(ようい)をしている?」being a good call here.

Incidentally, the example sentences for “getting ready” at the weblio Japanese-English dictionary were really helpful here. The site itself requires some knowledge to get around, but having recently started to use it more (with help from Rikaigu and Jisho), I feel like I’ve unlocked an entire plane of knowledge that I didn’t really know was out there.

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