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How many lessons (kanjis, voc, radic) should I learn during the day, for example if I have 30 lessons, should I do it all in one day or divide it into several days?

How do you do this?

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It is usually considered much more sensible to break it up. When you get to the point of getting 70 new lessons at a time, if you do them all at once, then they someday will all come up to be burned at once.
You can go at all-out fastest pace (7 days per level) by only doing 20 lessons each day. Other people more wiser and smarter than I have documented this here. :slight_smile:


I usually finish all lessons from previous WK level, then I learn current WK level lessons. I use some of @jprspereira 's WK guide, but without using completely different time concept that if I explain about this time concept difference, even until the end of time, it will reach @I-am-nothing.


I’m not too much further along than you…

Short Answer: about 5 at a time… and either stop or keep going after that stretch if I am not overwhelmed and if I have some time/energy for new input. :slight_smile:

Longer Answer:
For radicals: as fast as possible!
For kanji: I go based on my confidence with what I’ve already learned and my ability to start learning more… but also with the knowledge that the SRS doesn’t change until I actually Review the words… (so learning during the Review is sometimes okay).
For vocabulary: I just go based on my confidence with the lessons I’ve learned. And how I’m feeling about previous learning.


I ALWAYS do all lessons in one go… not many people have ever accused me of being sensible though :grin:
I’ve also quit a few times and did a full reset not so long ago, so looking at what I do and doing the opposite would be the best advice i could give :wink:


My strategy is to learn the kanji staggered by 1 hour at a time. This makes it easier for me to recall the meanings when i’m first learning them. Then when it gets to the next day all the kanji are reviewed together. Obviously you need a lot of free time for this though.

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I also did that when I was still in pleasants. At that point it doesn’t feel overwhelming yet. At some point you’ll start to realize there is actually a direct relation between wk workload, and how many lessons you heap on at once, and habits will start to change. (I still sometimes get impatient and do too many lessons at once, though)(and then I regret it a couple days later).

This recent thread has many experiences compiled already!


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