Japanese interface glitches (forum)

I set the forums interface to Japanese, so I am more exposed to it.

I found some glitches :

  • When I want to cancel a message I am editing, I have a popup with “はい” and “いいえ” but not the actual text asking if I want to delete what I was writing (in English the sentence appears)
  • in the “hamburger” button, are untranslated “Cakeday” and “Categories (xx more)”
  • in the edition tool bar, bold is “B” with a tooltip of “太字” but italics is “斜体” with a tooltip of also “斜体”. It’s inconsistent; the buttons should be “B” and “I”; or maybe “” and “
  • the tooltip of the calendar is untranslated; and in the pop-up window the title too (“Insert date / time”)


I imagine you’d have to bring these up on the forums for Discourse itself, since WaniKani didn’t make the forum platform.


Yeah, here’s the Discourse forums if you want to report these issues.

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