Lack of vocab for 額?

Wanikani told me that there are three must-know meanings for the kanji 額.
Amount, framed picture, and forehead.

The thing is, there’s only vocabulary where it means amount. I mean, weren’t the other meanings important?

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There’s also one for framed picture: WaniKani / Vocabulary / 額.

Unfortunately not for forehead, because it’s written exactly the same as “framed picture” (i.e., just the kanji alone), but read differently, and the Wanikani system doesn’t handle that.


Also, it’s not a huge deal to not teach it as forehead, because among words for forehead it sounds rather stiff and medical. おでこ is the more conversational word for forehead.


Ah, interesting! I guess I haven’t run into “forehead” much yet. The only time I have it was ひたい.

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If you want to see more vocab for that kanji (and all other ones too), I recommend installing the WaniKani Vocab Beyond script (that I happen to be the author of). I can see 19 common and 81 uncommon words when I have that script installed for 額:

With the script installed, the words I can see related to the forehead and framed picture meanings of that kanji are:


額 [ひたい] /(n) forehead/brow/(P)/
大額 [おおびたい] /(n) men's hairstyle with small sideburns and a wide forehead (Edo period)/
白額 [しろびたい] /(n) (obsc) (See 星月) star (white patch on the forehead of a horse)/
剃上げ額 [すりあげびたい] /(n) high and broad forehead/
前額 [ぜんがく] /(n,adj-no) forehead/
出額 [でびたい] /(n) beetle brows/projecting forehead/
猫の額 [ねこのひたい] /(exp,n) (id) tiny area/tiny surface/cat's forehead/
広い額 [ひろいひたい] /(exp,n) high brow/broad forehead/
猫額 [びょうがく;ねこびたい] /(n) (See 猫の額) (as small as a) cat's forehead/
富士額 [ふじびたい] /(n) widow's peak/hairline that grows to a point in the middle of the forehead/
額ずく;額づく;額突く;叩頭く;額衝く [ぬかずく(額ずく,額突く,叩頭く,額衝く);ぬかづく(額づく,額突く,叩頭く,額衝く);ぬかつく(額突く,叩頭く,額衝く)(ok)] /(v5k,vi) to kowtow (to bow from a kneeling position such that the forehead touches the ground)/to prostrate oneself/to give a deep, reverent bow/

framed picture:

額 [がく] /(n,n-suf) (1) picture (framed)/(2) amount or sum (of money)/(P)/
掲額 [けいがく] /(n,vs) framed and displayed testimonial/commemorative photograph/
扁額 [へんがく] /(n) framed picture or motto (usu. horizontal, hung over gates or lintels)/
額縁(P);額ぶち [がくぶち] /(n) frame (e.g. picture frame, decorative door frame, etc.)/(P)/

@jaearess Ahh, true! I didn’t see it, sorry!

@Leebo Thanks for the information!

@normful Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take a look at it!

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