"That's possible, but it's not the reading/meaning pair you learnt"

I got this pop up for the first time today.
Is this a new feature? If yes, that’s really nice.
But it’s also possible it’s been there before and just never happened to me.


That sounds interesting. Does that mean WaniKani expects you to match the meanings and readings?
Would that work on ける (dodge) and ける (avoid)?


What was the item it appeared on?

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It appeared on 〜形.
I gave the meaning ‘shape’ which is a possible meaning but upon receiving the prompt from WK I put ‘form’ next and that was accepted okay.

Would be nice if it appeared on words that have additional meanings we have not been taught but that WK is aware of.


Yeah, I imagine this is there to solve things like 額, where the vocab lesson only teaches the “picture frame” meaning, but “forehead” is also possible, but with a different reading.


Well, previously when I input Kanji meaning for vocab and vice versa I’d get a wrong answer. I think this has then evolved into getting the prompt “WK is looking for the Kanji/vocab reading”.
So if more vicab end up going even further with “this reading is possible but is not the one you were taught” that would actually be very helpful.


One of words that has been added recently had multiple possible readings (and meanings), so when I got the reading wrong because it wasn’t the one WK taught us, I asked them to add a warning message for that word. I wrote that request in this post - could be that the feature existed before that though.

Was for the word 退(しりぞ)ける, and my input was 退()ける.


Oh yeah, I have noticed this too, especially with counters (if you write “axe” instead of “bread loaf counter” for example).

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I’ve also had it happen with verbs today, Ie. I had 勝つ ‘to win’ and only typed ‘win’ and so WK politely reminded me that I should type a verb lol. The kanji/vocab corrections are a blessing too. I am loving those little creature comfort improvements!

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