L60 & JLPT N1

It’s too late for both things, but I’ll shamelessly put both things out.

I did it!! I got the cake! I reached L60.

I started some 800 days ago. Had to major break (ups) but I persisted. Especially earlier this year, I keep pushing myself for N1.
But this is not the end, I’m gonna keep worshiping the Crabigator until he gives me 0/0. (Secretly saying that I will do those 3k+ reviews pending thereafter JLPT day)

I couldn’t do it : JLPT

I have passed N3 and I was like, WTH, I’m gonna jump straight to N1 and pass it.
But I couldn’t. I studied straight for two months and inhaled as much as Japanese I could but in the end,

You see the little 18 in Reading section. If only that could have been 19… I would have passed. 惜しいななあ!!

See you JLPT, in December!


Hearty congratulations @aruke san :tada:


Good luck for your N1 and your future endeavors :raised_hands:


@aruke Thanks @KyokaJiro
Great Efforts I will take :green_heart:

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Massive congratulations!

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Congrats on reaching thee top! :partying_face: :tada::tada:


Wohoa!!! thats super awsome!!! Conhrats!!! Even if you didn’t pass N1 (yet), wow, just wow!
Just out of curiosity, why did you decide to take N1???

Congrats! Massive balls for trying to jump from N3 to N1. If I may ask, what kinds of materials do you immerse in (i.e. manga, books, podcasts)?

Thanks @KiwiSmint !! 🙇🏻‍♂️

Oh there are plethora of reasons. If When I get N1 certificate, I get lot of job opportunities open, and I get upgrade my visa it seems.
But these are side effects and main motivation is I want to show off having N1 certificate! :grin:

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I used 完全マスター 文法、the N3 to N1 set as grammar source.
For Kanji, I totally relied on the Crabigrator’s blessings, and I didn’t study reading at all (No newspapers/manga/ebooks), also a partial reason for failing N1. But this time I’m gonna use newspapers. They are the best source for N1 level reading comprehension.
For listening, I didn’t do anything else except watching Detective Conan. It’s targeted at kids, but there are a lot of words that adults use.


Thanks Thanks!
I’ll have a bite

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