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Alright, it’s time to make my very own study log and to make it interesting for me and others on the internet, I’ll post my studies publicly. SInce this is the first version of this post, I’d rather keep it simple for now and I’ll improve it over time when needed.

In contrast, my introduction thread is privated (guests can’t see it), so I’ll extremely briefly introduce myself. I’m from Slovenia and I’ve been trying to study this language for 15 years at this point (started as a teenager, but life got complicated over the years, so I studied on and off as a result). The only things that I never forgot were the Hiragana and Katakana.

Goals for 2024

  • reach at least level 30 in WaniKani
  • become at least intermediate in listening and reading
  • finish Imabi
  • start reading
  • try to play and beat a video game in Japanese (preferably without furigana)

Current resources

  • Wanikani (kanji learning)
  • Imabi (textbook grammar)
  • Maggie Sensei (more practical grammar/everyday Japanese)
  • Jisho (Japanese dictionary)
  • PONS (a dictionary for many languages; used for English to Slovenian translation and vice-versa if needed for obvious reasons)
  • Google Translate (in case PONS doesn’t provide me a clear answer)

Current studying routine

  1. Wanikani reviews at least twice a day (preferably more if I can spend a few minutes at work to do one)
  2. 5 new items at minimum if available and up to 20 at most in one day (will be adjusted if needed)
  3. at least one grammar lesson a day if possible

What I plan on reading
NHK News Web Easy
よつばと! (I actually started reading it raw in the past and it was a fun experience)

What I plan on listening
1. Nihongo no Teppei (already did in the past, but I’ll restart it)
2. Let’s learn Japanese from small talk! (I appreciate the episodes being long and the inclusion of vocabulary lists for each episode)

  • News channels on YouTube
  • Japanese radio

Reward system
After 15 years of attempts, I’ve realized that the motivation for studying needs to be constantly maintained since learning this language can be extremely slow, especially if you attempt to learn completely everything and you don’t live in Japan. In case someone needs ideas, here’s how I do it:

  • for every essential task completed, I award myself 1€,
  • any additional tasks (like learning even more Kanji in WaniKani) done in a day also gives me 1€ each,
  • I can buy anything with the reward money at any point, but you need to restrict yourself from buying anything that isn’t necessary to live, like candy and snacks,
  • whenever I buy something, the amount of reward money gets reduced,
  • if I have any money left from a previous month after entering the next one, it gets transferred, which encourages saving up for something really expensive,
  • as the previous point implied, there is no limit in how much money you can get.

I’ve been using this system since the beginning of 2024 and it’s been the most effective way of self-motivation so far and it might get even better when I’ll eventually get to read and listen Japanese material.

And that’s it for now. I plan to do one report every week either on Saturday or Sunday when I’ll have the most time available. I’ll also refine this very first post over time to reflect on my studies in the future and to make it prettier.


Week 6 report (February 9th - Sunday 11th)

This one will be on the short side because it’s been only three days since I’ve made this study log and I didn’t write down what I was doing before that. I’m currently in the middle of level 2 in WaniKani and while I could learn the remaining seven Kanji, I’m having a lot of reviews pending for the Guru items this week, so I’ll only focus on reviews for at least day or two.

As for grammar lessons, I did Imabi lessons from #17 to #20 and one for Maggie Sensei (How to use いる+ある ( = iru + aru)). When I reach lesson #25 on Imabi, I’ll try to start reading NHK News Web Easy, so that I can start applying all of the grammar as soon as possible. I already have Anki set up for vocabulary mining.


Week 7 report (February 12th - February 18th)

I reached level 3 in WaniKani and I only did one grammar lesson (Imabi #21) because I was too busy. While I could probably start reading now, I’d like to do a few more lessons to make it easier on myself. Speaking of reading, I’ll try to join the Absolute Beginner Book Club in the near future.

As for the listening portion that I plan on doing, I’ll slowly start introducing it into my studying routine by listening to podcasts while I drive to work and back, which should be about 30 minutes at minimum every day.


Week 8 report (February 19th - February 25th)

About halfway through level 3 at the moment. I should be able to level up during the week at this rate, especially if I learn 15 items or more every day. While I could pay for the yearly subscription right now and I’m 100% willing to do it, I’d like to see if there’s any flavor text left at the very end.

Anyway, I started listening to the “Nihongo Con Teppei” podcast from the beginning while commuting to work and I can already kind of understand what Teppei is talking about in each episode. However, grammar and vocabulary need work, but at least I started applying what I managed to learn from Imabi and Maggie Sensei.

Speaking of Imabi, I got through nine lessons (#30 was the latest one) this week and I think I should be ready for reading as well. I’ve discovered Tadoku thanks to the WaniKani forum user “drdru” and this particular resource seems to be the perfect starting point. Level 0 seems to be extremely accessible due to the stories being very short, simple themes and them having many pictures, so you don’t have to constantly look up what every single word and sentence means. In case anyone’s interested, click here. There is also a post on Reddit from 2021 that has many stories already compiled and sorted by levels, so you don’t need to download several dozens of stories initially.

While these beginner level stories may not have Armored Core/FromSoft levels of intrigue, they are still way more suitable for me at the moment than the Furigana-free text that’s full of political, war, and machine/mecha vocabulary. It would be extremely sick if I was already good enough to read that, though. :grin:


The reddit user has posted a new update recently : 2024 updated Free Tadoku Graded Reader PDFs 2,681 total pages for reading : LearnJapanese


This is even better than what I posted. Thank you for sharing. :+1:

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