Krt100's Study Log 🤖

Week 23 report (June 3rd - June 9th)

Just like last week, i didn’t do much. As it turns out, being responsible for more things at work because you’re substituting someone that’s on vacation makes you more tired than usual, which makes it harder to study in the evening. I’m way more likely to take naps that last at least one hour after I get home as well.

Fortunately, I managed to finish lesson 4 in Genki I and started learning things on WaniKani again. Due to the current limits in life, I’ll keep it simple and just learn vocab and maybe learn a few grammar points on Bunpro during the week. I already studied level 10 radicals, so I should have every Kanji available before Friday when I’ll be liberated from work for a while. Only a few more days until then …


Week 24 report (June 10th - June 16th)

This week was a bit worse than the previous one because I was getting more and more tired, so my Japanese studies suffered as a result (didn’t have enough time and/or energy to study at all for two days straight). At least I managed to recover during the weekend and did all of the pending reviews.

My vacation started, so now I can get back on track with my studies and try to improve my studying routine as well. What I’d like to work on is:

  1. start reading something on a daily basis even if a little bit,
  2. stop neglecting grammar.

If all goes well, I should be able to study a bit of everything much more consistently.