Kindle books through calibre

Hey, just sharing this because I found it useful.

I’ve had a problem when it comes to using kindle for reading books. I have an american amazon account for american books, and a Japanese account for Japanese books. Kindle (for iphone) only lets you connect one at a time, and connecting to the other account means you have to relogin, which wipes out your entire library.

There is a program called Calibre which lets you convert kindle books to .epub format and hold them in a library. (search apprentice alf dedrm plugin for more info)

What I just discovered (lol) is that you can use the connect/share button in Calibre to setup your computer as a content server. You can then connect to it from the iphone, use the library, open up your book, then turn the server off.

So this is one way to swap between libraries without having to deassociate your amazon account all the time.

Here’s a screenshot of where the button is. You can see the ip address and the port 8080. You can access this from iphone using safari by typing: into the browser.

Also it uses LAN so you’ll have to be connected to the same wifi as your computer. Once you open up a book though you can go disconnect from wifi though (if you’re going to gym or smth idk lol).

Anyway, somewhat specific circumstances but maybe someone will find it useful.


Interesting! I would be curious if this also worked with ebook readers other than Kindles, like the Austrian Tolino brand. I will try once I have wireless working again, though my Tolino is from the first generation and not as feature-ricn as the new ones.

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Yeah not super sure. From what I’m gathering it seems to be opening the book in the actual safari browser (I guess calibre has its own browser reader?) so I imagine the compatibility is pretty high. I’m still experimenting since this is pretty new to me as well.


If you are willing to read on the phone, there is also a Kindle app which you can use to connect to the Japanese store without the need to change your account on your Kindle device.


Do you mean you connect your Kindle app to your account? Is it easy to sign up for an account? I heard you need a Japanese house address etc.

But do you really need a Japanese address for an account ? Since delivers in other countries as well.

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Oh whoops, I meant specifically kindle for iphone (so I only have one account slot afaik)

People used to say the reason was that digital publishers tried to respect each other’s territories, so you had to prove an address.

Idk I used a Japanese address generator, had to order a physical book to America every couple of digital purchases, and then they just stopped caring about digital purchases after a while. I haven’t been asked in my last 200 purchases I think

It’s not clear. Maybe Japanese law says that you have to reside in Japan to register for an online shop in Japan.

Ok, in all honesty, I only connected my Kindle app to my German Amazon account. But I would be surprised if one could not use it for the Japanese account. (Actually my Japanese friend did that, so…)

But that’s a solved problem for OP, no? So :woman_shrugging:


Oh, ok gotcha. Yes unfortunately in the Kindle app you only have one account slot. It would only work if you wanted to use a physical Kindle for one account (which I assumed you were talking about) and the iPhone Kindle app for another account.
Sorry for the confusion!

That’s interesting because Bookwalker (aka Kadokawa’s digital outlet) doesn’t care at all. There are some books that you cannot buy from abroad but you can read them abroad if you bought them through VPN. :wink:

I was actually asking for me :sweat_smile:

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A couple of notes here:

  1. You MUST use an older version of the Kindle client to get the DeDRM plugin to work.

  2. It isn’t legal, so do not share any books that you “rip” with the software!

  3. It’s easier to just dump all the ripped books into a network shared folder and then access them directly that way.

Removing the DRM is not illegal in most countries. The sharing part is.


Well, I feel like we’re straying from the topic a bit, but as most of the people on this forum are from the United States, it is worth stating that circumventing copyright controls is specifically enumerated in the DMCA, so your point is… pointless.

Wow, you’re a friendly one.

I wouldn’t consider about 40% “most”, so it’s still worth pointing out in my book; as much as you like to think you are the whole Internet.

I think you’re just nitpicking for the sake of being argumentative. I won’t indulge further, but have fun trolling elsewhere. :slight_smile:

That is not updated information. The plugin does not work with the more recent Amazon format. I remove DRM of my books but Ihave to use an old version of the Kindle for Mac which is hard to find. I also had to delete some files so that Amazon would not force an update of Kindle. I also prefer to covert it to PDF not epub, specially manga so I can use OCR it and then copy and paste to a dictionary.

@NicoleIsEnough 先輩:in my computer I have two users accounts (one with the Kindle JAP and the other has the Kindle USA, but iphone and ipad do not support the multi-user mode)


I’d say if 30% or 40% of people in this forum are not in the USA, it would be still be legal for lots of users. I never saw any statistics but in the 3 or 4 years I have been around I see that there are lots of people from Japan, Europe, Brasil, etc…


Every 3 years the Library of Congress reviews the DMCA and grants some exemptions to the DMCA. Parties can submit petitions for exemptions. The last one was in 2018 and I think the 2021 rules should come soon (I could not find them online). But in 2018, one of the exemptions was:

Literary works, distributed electronically, protected by TPM interfering with screen readers or other assistive technologies;

TPM = Technological Protection Measures

I guess that if the font of the ebook does not allow you to read it, perhaps one might have a shot under this provision to change the book format legally…


US has been using the new format for years but amazon jp still continues to use the old format. Source: I just tested on PC on version 1.35 (latest) for the US and JP stores separately.