Do kindle books bought on Amazon JP work on a kindle purchased on Amazon Canada?

Can you have multiple Amazon accounts attached to the same kindle if I wanted to read books from both Amazon Japan and Amazon Canada?

I believe it’s one kindle one account. Maybe you can get your account to link up as a single family at which point you might be able to share the books on those accounts, but I wouldn’t bet on it. As far as I know, amazon works based off of regions, which act pretty much like completely separate entities. And amazon jp just so happens to be its own entity.

What you for sure can do is download the books off of one account, convert them over to a format a kindle can read (commonly epub) using a drm remover tool along the way, after which you should be able to move it onto your device without an issue. Your progress won’t be tracked over devices I don’t think, but it’s something.

The best way is probably to buy exclusively through the jp account. Most books, especially the ones you care about reading, are still available through that site in English

Nope, just one account at a time unfortunately.

Yes and no. The tool I use (and I’d guess others as well) requires the kindle’s device ID and must be registered with that Amazon account for the DRM removal to work. So if you are logged onto the kindle with your Amazon Japan account, you won’t be able to remove the DRM from purchases from another Amazon site like Amazon Canada. Of course, you could re-register the kindle to Amazon Canada, download a book, remove the DRM, re-register back to Amazon Japan, then copy the DRM-free book onto the device. That will work. It’s just a hassle since each time you de-register the kindle it deletes all the content from the device.

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If we are talking about the same tool, it works just fine using the windows app. Heck, it even gets the keys completely automatically. That’s how I did this before I had a kindle.

Ah, yes there is that. I was never able to get it work using the Windows app for some reason, but if you can get it to work it would certainly make things easy as you said.

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