Review pile

Completly plowed throw my review pile yesterday and burned a few items and felt like giving up, i have used the reorder technique just for now i hope this is only good for me.


It’s always worth just being aware that the rate at which you clear through big review will have a direct effect on the number of future reviews that show up. I realise that sounds like an obvious statement, but if you aware conscious of these ‘aftershocks’ you will be in a good place in terms of pacing and expectation.

The same is always true of lessons, of course, and this is why pacing is important with those as well.

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Im thinking weather i should get as many done before i guru sopme words, that way i can reduce this pile drop. thus not needing to constantly clear reviews every hour

This right here is a problem; it’s definitely not a good pattern to get into to do reviews as soon as they appear. In fact, this makes it near impossible to use the SRS system efficiently.

I’ll give you an example of timings that work for me - this isn’t how everyone does it, but you get the idea:

9am - Do some lessons.
1pm - Do your apprentice 2 reviews.
9pm - Do your apprentice 3 reviews.

Everything else comes in intervals of 24hrs, so what you’ve established here is that you only need to look at Wanikani three times a day. The same is true if you do your lessons at 7am, you reviews at 12pm and 8pm, etc. - the main thing to understand is that you get reviews 4hrs after lessons, and then 8hrs after you pass the first review.

Try to restrict yourself to doing reviews within those periods, even if it might be tempting to do them as soon as they appear, and you’ll get into a healthy pattern that doesn’t take up as much of your day.


could you explain what you mean by “apprentice 2” and “apprentice 3”?
about how many reviews at a time, do you figure?

what i’ve been doing is twenty at a time
i wait until there’s twenty, then do those
if there’s forty, i still only do twenty, then the other twenty some hours later
like this i’m able to keep up, but i am at a low level

i’m sure everyone’s different, but do you think i shouldn’t be doing multiple lessons throughout the day?
i can’t cram very many in my head at a time, so i do several batches of five

When you learn an item it becomes Apprentice 1, after four hours you get an Apprentice 2 review (which the item turns if you pass), the 8 hours after that an Apprentice 3, and 1 day after that Apprentice 4.

Two days after getting Apprentice 4, your item comes up to be reviewed for the Guru 1 review. There are two Guru levels and then an item can be reviewed for Master, then Enlightened, and finally Burned.

You can find a description of all the stages here: WaniKani’s SRS Stages | WaniKani Knowledge

As many as you’ve got time for, honestly.

You do whatever works for you, really, but I’d usually recommend doing your lessons for the day in one batch in the morning, for the reason I put above.

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oh, i don’t keep track of their metalevels, lol
i don’t know what something is until i answer it and it levels up (or down)
but i guess if i started that method, they’d line up eventually
problem for me would be the lessons
well, i’m glad you have something that works for you
but i really can’t do more than ten lessons at a time, so i would end up slowing down way too much

10 lessons a day is about the average number, I would say. It’s neither fast nor slow.

I usually do about 10-15 lessons per day. (try to keep my apprentices about 110-115, this is enough work for me that doesn’t hinder my accuracy). I level up in about 11 days doing this, which is still a pretty quick pace.

Unless you have some looming deadline (gotta get the N3 kanji by December, say) try and find a pace that suits you and don’t worry about comparing yourself to how fast/slow others are :slight_smile:

really? that seems about the pace of the “durtlers”
my last couple levels took about two weeks each, and that’s already slow, apparently
my deadline is simply the length of my subscription, which is three months, tho there isn’t a specific level i need to hit

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Yes i totally agree, youve mentioned going at a steady pace dont worry about the other performance from other people. that really puts my mind at ease.

I think the majority of people are durtlers, to be honest. Anything over 7 days a level is classed as durtling according to that thread :slight_smile: There just seems to be two camps, those ‘speedrunning’ it and those going at their own pace. Neither are right and wrong but I can see how getting labelled a ‘durtler’ can be a bit discouraging. I know it’s supposed be a term of self endearment but even though I fit the definition, I don’t feel like I’m going ‘slow’ per se. I’m probably at about 80-90% capacity which is a high level of effort in my opinion.

I do all my reviews and a minimum of 10 lessons per day. That feels like a constant good pace (I’ve done 20 today because I got the radicals, but I’m at 117 apprentice so not above what I consider too much work), to me durtling would be doing that many lessons per week, maybe less.

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Im not really sure what those tags by your usernames mean

What is a durtle, or did they mean turtle?

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as you can tell im trying to plow through as many reviews as i can


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Don’t worry, I was replying to Staille, not yourself.

Although I’m not sure what you mean by tags next to my name.

for example [Joeni] has this tag “Helpful Durtle” so i am just wondering

cheers pal

Ah they’re just fun nicknames for people on the forum :slight_smile:

okay, thanks~
i mentioned on that thread that i would like to be a durtler, but i really want to make the most of these three months
i have been going at my own pace, except my last level when i tried to speed up, which only resulted in me getting angry with every mistake
i did either 25 or 30 lessons yesterday
(don’t remember if i started the day with 118 waiting for me, as i made note of that number the night before and might have done a batch then)
(i unlocked level 6, but i’m still working my way through 5)

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No these are not nicknames, these are “durtle” badges that you earn and you can choose to display one of them next to your name.