Keyboards do not agree with Wani Kani's reading of 口

I was typing out the new kanji I’d learned to my boyfriend and こう doesn’t even bring up this kanji at all. I had to put it through google translate to get くち and that puts it third on the very first line.


I too had to go about 8 pages into my IME to get 口 to come up for こう, but you are almost never going to type that reading alone to get 口.

The word 口 is read くち, and こう usually only appears when it is part of compounds, like 人口じんこう.

It’s still a very important reading to know, even if it isn’t read that way in isolation.

こう also just happens to be one of (if not the) most common readings. So yeah… a lot of kanji have it and you’re going to have to scroll through many to get to the one you want. That’s just how it is no matter what kanji you want for it, unless you get lucky.


口 is the vocabulary word, standalone, so you need to type くち to get your IME to show that. If you want a compound reading you usually need to type a compound word or else keep hitting space until you eventually get the right kanji which shares that reading.

For example, when I type こう…


If I type じんこう。。。


I knew I was racing against Leebo, knew I probably would lose, but damn was that the most exhilarating 2 minutes of my recent life. :joy:


Yeah, the trick to typing something with an IME is to type it how you’d read it if you encountered it as a word in the real world. Or in other words, the reading that’s given on the vocabulary (purple-background) version of the item. For 口, you’ll encounter that later in level one.

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Almost, it appears to be the second most common on reading.

I mean that makes sense since ime’s look for words, not kanji, it’s got no idea what you want otherwise. Typing any pronunciation of a kanji, don’t be surprised if the kanji you want doesn’t come up.

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