Keeping track of your readings

Also, my mangare page looks like a completionist’s nightmare.


Hehe, good thing I’m not a completionist either.


Mangare doesn’t have the manga I’m currently reading. :joy: Guess it’s too little known for them? It’s on bookmeter, but since that seems connected to Amazon it’s no wonder.

Hope to raise my Manga consumption by a good amount, so made an account ostly preemptively.

Everyone’s reading so much - hope to join you soon! :slight_smile:


You could always try adding it!

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Ooh, that’s cool! I’ll do that when I get back tonight. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Is that only manga you read in Japanese? Holy snap.

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Yes. To be fair, I reached the point where I could just binge read back in 2012, and I was already reading stuff before.
There’s more, but

  • I can’t remember the title. I can eventually figure them out through Google fu, but it’s annoying.
  • I have read parts before coming to Japan in my native language, and then switch to reading in Japanese (e.g. One Piece, Gantz, Last order), however, I want to only have stuff I read in Japanese in my list… Hm, どうしよう.
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You read all of Nana, right?

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Yes, in both languages.

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I finally went and tracked down approximately when I finished all the manga I’d read so I could put it in bookmeter properly. It was really bothering me that they weren’t in order because the 不明 books were at the bottom. I went through three book club threads and history from MAL and AniList to get all that information. :joy:

But it was totally worth it because now I know everything I’ve read and when.


Does anyone know if bookmeter has ratings for individual books? Google keeps trying to convince me that it does.


Is this it here in tiny text at the bottom of the page? It seems to at least be what Google is grabbing.


Other (good) books (manga specifically) are at like 25-40% so I feel like that can’t possibly be a rating… I don’t exactly know if 評価 would mean “rating” in this context (or if it’s used in that way ever). I know Japanese reviews are often harsher than English reviews on average, but that still seems pretty extreme.

Bookmeter does not allow to give a score, so the percentage means something else.

Looking around, I found other people asking about it on chiebukuro, but no answer was convincing.

My take is that it means that, out of all the people who have said to have read the book on bookmeter, 63% have posted a comment about it. It’s impossible to check directly, since we only have the number of people who registered the book (ie “reading”, “wants to read”, etc) and the total number of reviews :woman_shrugging:

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This thread inspired me to sign up for Mangare. But … is there a way to keep track of which volumes you own in a series (so I don’t go rebuying stuff I haven’t read yet :wink: )? Or would Bookmeter be better for that?

I don’t use Mangare, but Bookmeter does in fact have a section to add volumes you’ve already purchased (積読).

Nice, gonna switch over to that one then. Thanks!

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Finally joined bookmeter, too! As I want 2020 to be the year that I get more comfortable with reading and dive into (short) novels and more manga reading, I think it’s a good motivation to see and follow my progress on bookmeter.


Feel free to keep track of your progress here as well :wink:


Will do! :+1:t2:

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As it is one of my goals for this year to finally get my time management in order and do more reading, I also joined bookmeter :wink:

For now, most books I own had to go in the 積読本-stack :sweat_smile:


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